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Feb 26, 2008 08:10 AM

Houston late night dining

Will be in Houston but not until 10PM or so. Will be staying in the Galleria. Are there any late night spots to eat?


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  1. Just a bit away on Westheimer about 3-5 miles west just past Hillcroft is House of Pies if you are in the mood for late night pie!

    1. House of Pies, is just past Fountainview, if you get to Hillcroft you have gone too far.

      There is some great late night dining in the Chinatown area, out West on Bellaire Blvd at Beltway 8. The most simple directions would be to take Westheimer west to Gessner, turn left (south) follow for several miles and turn right on Bellaire. Keep driving until you see something that strikes your interest. Tan-Tan is open at least until 3-4. Bodard Bistro, ect.

      Mama's Cafe is also on Westheimer, just before the House of Pies, (its on the left hand side, if you are headed west). They are open pretty late as well

      1. Here is a link to B4UEAT with places to go:

        Chacho's is a crazy wild place with cheap, good tex mex.

        Out of that neighborhood are BB's, a cajun place, Katz's Deli, and Mai's Vietnamese. Look at B4UEAT for other 24 hour places and/or late night dining.