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Feb 8, 2002 01:20 AM

A question from a new Chowhound

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I'm kinda new to Chowhound. It seems like there is a lot of great info (and people) here. Despite that, I have been hesitant (almost scared actually) to post my questions.

After spending some time reading recent threads, I noticed a consistent theme. It seems that if you post a question that has ever been addressed before in the history of the site, you'll get pounced on. Being new here, this is a mystery to me. Don't restaurants change? or go out of business? Don't new ones open? Don't opinions change?

I can certainly understand that some threads might appear very often and might seem repetitve, but why be nasty? If the thread was recent, post a link, if it wasn't, well perhaps the topic's worth revisting.

I guess my question is simple. Shouldn't any vaild, well intentioned question or comment be welcome here?

Food related posts to follow... I hope.

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    Dave Feldman

    Creamfinger -- If you've encountered some irascible Chowhounds, it's probably because it can get tiresome to answer the same questions over and over again.

    But absolutely, ask any question you want. Chances are, you represent other new Chowhounds who want to ask about the same thing.

    But by all means, do a search first to see if your exact question has been asked lately. Not a requirement by any means, but a courtesy.

    1. Creamfinger,

      I know about the problem. And they're WRONG. The moderators and I try hard to get word out that repetition is far from a sin here.

      Listen, our attitude is: everything is up for discussion at any time. Places get worse, new places open, new hounds come through with new info and new opinions, and we need to constantly recycle subjects to track changing conditions via our ever-expanding cast of hounds. Only in that way do we achieve a rich healthy diversity of opinions, necessary for the growth of our sacred chow trove of info lovingly compiled for the use of all hounddom.

      Some people hang around here a LOT, and get bored by repetition. That's their problem, not yours. Please don't let a few huffy participants (of our many tens of thousands of friendly, generous hounds) turn you off.

      That said.........we do have gigabytes of great info to read through. And, as in any community (online or offline), it's good manners to read along and get an idea of the prevailing culture before chiming in. You needn't do copious research before broaching a question, but if there's a discussion of cupcakes in Kansas going on right this very sec, you might wanna give it a quick look-through before posting a brand new query re: same. Makes sense, no?

      Good to have you here; I look forward to talking chow with you!


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      1. re: Jim Leff
        Lynne Hodgman

        Kupcakes in Kansas? I love it!!

        1. re: Lynne Hodgman

          The Creamfinger moniker happens to be just a coincidence here. When I originally started using it, it was not intended as food reference. It was actually a reference to an old novelty song that parodied Goldfinger.

          1. re: Creamfinger

            The Creamfinger moniker happens to be just a coincidence here. When I originally started using it, it was not intended as food reference. It was actually a reference to an old novelty song that parodied Goldfinger. >>
            Suppose you know that Mike Meyers tried to call his new Austin Powers movie "Goldmember." MGM/UA wouldn't go for it.

            1. re: mc michael

              I hope they don't go after me.

              Incidentally, if MGM gets their way, Newline won't only have to rename the movie, but the may have to recut the entire film as well. MGM's suit claims that since the name Goldmember is referenced throughout the film, merely changing the title would not be enough.

      2. t
        Tom Armitage

        I echo Jim Leff's and Dave Feldman's comments. As a veteran Los Angeles Chowhound, I want to welcome you and say that I'm looking forward to your posts. As with any large community, you may encounter some occasional rudeness. Trust me, the benefits of being an active poster and asking questions to elicit the information you're looking for are well worth the occasional rude response. So ask away. Most of us are pretty polite and patient with newcomers. Dave's point is merely that before you ask about, say, the best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles, you might do a search (+"los angeles" +sushi) and get a sense of what's been posted previously on this subject and how recently. But, speaking for myself, if you asked that question and I had the time available to respond, I'd both provide a brief up-to-date answer and some links to more expanded previous discussions of this issue.