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Feb 26, 2008 07:49 AM

What are some of your favourite cabernets?

Planning a wine tasting party featuring the formidable Cabernet varietal and want to offer a good bottle--good meaning good value for the cash, and nothing I'd have to mortgage my house for. What are your favourites?

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  1. Where are you located and what price range would you be comfortable at? This information is likely to help narrow down the possibilities for anyone that wants to repond.

    I find that I like some CS from the Alexander Valley that can be relative bargains, but I don't know what you have access to.

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      My absolute favorite Cabernets and those that I would consider good value for the cash aren't always the same wines. In fact, they rarely are. If the question is, "what are some of your favorites", the answer might include Buccella, Seavey, Keever, Pina, Pride, and Clark-Claudon. If the question is, "What are some of the great bargains for quality in the Cabernet world", my answer would probably be Blueprint by Lail, Seavey (again), the non vineyard-designate Cabernets from Neal, and Kamen. Those are just off the top of my head and I'm sure I could come up with a few more if pressed to think about it.

      R. Jason Coulston

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        it all depends on the vintage but here are some of my favorite:

        mid price:
        karl lawrence
        drinkward peschon
        neal family

        high end:
        switchback ridge
        quilceda creek
        robert foley

    2. American? Australian? South American? Italian? French (Bordeaux and/or elsewhere)? Elsewhere? And "good value for cash" depends pon what's in your wallet . . . what is comfortable for you?


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        I'm guessing by the way you spell favorite that you are in Canada so I'm not sure what is available in your area but I just had Edge Cabernet for the first time and thought is was a wicked value, ($17.99). Reminded me of old school Napa Cabernet.

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          You mean the OP, don't you, and not me?

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            Yes I was trying to respond to the OP...sorry about that. I was just guessing by the spelling that they may be in Canada and I am unsure what might be available there...stuck in my SoCal retail scene.

      2. need a better idea of what you are looking for.

        1. Fav. Cabs: Diamond Creek (any single vineyard, except Lake, as it is so very pricy).
          Caymus SS.
          Joseph Phelps' Insignia (OK, it's a blend, but that is alright)
          Cain Five (another blend, but what's wrong with blends?)
          Sullivan Napa - needs some time in the decanter
          Milat Napa - was the base Cab for Silver Oak Napa for decades, and has wonderful mint notes.
          Older Mondavi Reserve Cabs - newer ones are not yet up to par
          Beringer Reserve - older still seems better
          Groth Red Stripe - always great, even in poorer years


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