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Feb 26, 2008 07:48 AM

Dinner in Sacramento

I'm going to be in Sacramento the weekend of March 1st and would like to take my niece (age 12) and her mother to dinner. Neither are very "exploring" as far as tastes, so it would have to be mild food. Can anyone make any suggestions as to where to take them that is good and fun?

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  1. If you don't mind a chain, Joe's Crab Shack in Old Sacramento might amuse a 12 year old. Their menu is very friendly for people who aren't into culinary adventure, too.

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      At least recommend one that serves edible food if you must suggest a chain restaurant. Buca di Beppo at least serves better food (as just about anything above an Olive Garden does).

      Sushi can be a lot of fun for 12 yr olds. How about one of the many sushi places in Sac? Mikuni is very popular.

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        I wouldn't say I must recommend a chain. I'd say I recommended one on the criteria of being fun for a 12 year old and having mild food on the menu. I wonder why it is necessary to criticize my suggestion instead of just making your own?

      2. Hi... there are sooo many restaurants in Sac. w/o needing to resort to a Chain. If you want to do the touristy thing in Old Sac, which your niece would probably enjoy, I would recommend eating at Fat City (the one on the corner... California Fats is down the block and fancier; the two often get confused). Fat City is high-end casual and has a nice old-fashioned setting. Plus the food is good; nothing really fancy but not too ordinary either. If you hit the town around sunset, you can take it in by the river. Stroll thru the town and stores, etc. However, if you're okay w/a chain, I would recommend the Old Spaghetti Factory on J St. The decor/building is fabulous; it's in an old railroad station. Very simple italian food and ice cream is included in the dinner price! For burgers, there's Hot Rods & Suzie's Burgers in Midtown. For Mexican, there's Ernesto's at 16th and S. Also, for very casual, homestyle italian, there's Espanol's on Folsom Blvd. in East Sac. I'd also recommend, for easy, comfort food, super-casual, is Jack's Urban Eats (On fair oaks blvd in Loehmann's plaza, and also one midtown). It's basically carved meats w/sides or on a sandwich, and salads. The food is all great & the atmosphere is hip

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          Thanks! By far, yours is the best suggestion. I will run it past them and see what they are interested in. Sushi is my favorite, but a 12 year -old plus her mother are not too adventure some for that kind of fair.

        2. I hate to be picky, but what part of Sacramento are you visiting and what is your price range? This will help us recommend a place.