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Feb 26, 2008 05:38 AM

New Latin American Cafe in Junction

Espresso Mi Vida is a new Latin American Cafe that has just opened in what used to be the Singing Scissors hair salon. They did a great renovation with lots of seating and an open cooking area so you can see all the great food being prepared. This appears to be a family business with very friendly welcoming atmosphere. They serve a variety of espresso drinks and cafe americano, regular coffee and have a variety of Latin American foods including the familiar quesadillas, empanadas, corn bread, and some unusual soups, salads, tarditional desserts, etc.
They are located at 392 Pacific Avenue just south of Dundas on the west side of the street.
Future plans are to establish an art gallery for Latin American art exhibits.

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  1. I finally stopped in here the other day and had one of their (apparently new) "fig and queso fresco" empanadas. I use quotes since the cheese did not seem to be queso fresco, but I think I'm actually glad about that: whatever (somewhat Swissy) cheese they used worked better, I think, than queso fresco would have. The empanada probably would have been too sweet on its own but eaten with the accompanying tomato and onion salsa, it was really delicious. I'll be going back for more soon.

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      Thanks for reminding me about this little place, Mr. E. I happened upon it about a month ago and had a delicious empanada (forget the filling). I'll definitely drop in again when I'm in the area.