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Feb 26, 2008 05:09 AM

Why hasn't Superfresh opened in Rockville Town Square?

Has anyone heard what the delay is in opening the Superfresh in Rockville Town Square? I heard their opening is now projected for 2009! What is the holdup??

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  1. Where did you hear 2009? Signage on the outside of the store, and the Rockville Town Square website, still say Spring 2008.

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    1. re: DanielK

      I live in the Americana condos, behind the move theater, and there was a short update in our community newsletter stating that it was going to open in 2009 now instead. The very brief article noted that Rockville Town Square had not received any information on the facade of the Superfresh (potentially to be called "Fresh"- containing more prepared foods and organic produce?) location yet either, so construction could not yet begin.

      1. re: kcrawford55

        If that Superfresh is going to be anything like the ones we have here in NJ, I wouldn't be too anxious for it to open. Where I live, these stores are notorious for carrying expired dairy products and canned goods. You really have to inspect everything you buy. Even though this is the closest store to my house, I only go there if I absolutely have to or can't get to another store.

    2. New reports of construction starting October 2008.