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Feb 26, 2008 05:05 AM

Consuelo's Taqueria in Manchester NH

Has anyone tried this place? They are on Amherst St just off Elm downtown. My wife grabbed a menu and I'll try to get there this weekend but wanted to see if anyone else has eaten there yet.

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  1. We have only been once and loved it. I think they have expanded their menu since we were there. It was a while ago, the people are wonderful, really nice hospitality - great food.

    1. I've been there twice, and really liked my food, and the staff was friendly.

      I really keep meaning to write this place (and City Flame Smokehouse) up for my blog, but keep forgetting.

      Pics at

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        Thanks for the replys, I'll have to get down there this weekend.

      2. This place is awesome. I have been more than ten times since they opened and have had excellent experiences every time. I originally tried the chicken taquitos because they were recommended by the Union Leader and I loved them. I then began my transitional period and indulged in the tacos and eventually to the nachos. The beef nachos are a perfect blend of crunchy tortilla chips with ground beef, cheese and veggies. They are so good because nothing is overloaded and yet still the plate seems never ending. Recently I have been really enjoying the milenesa sndwhich which is breaded steak on a grilled bulky roll with beans and guacamole spread over the bun. The service is oustanding with every person who works there being friendly and attentive to the needs of any customer..........I have seen the owner and his wife come over to our table and other peoples tables to see how their meals are. Bottom line........... it is not a "sub shop" as I heard it described in another post. Consuelo's is the perfect place to get good food that does not alway apear in a city like Manchester

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          I meant no disrespect with the sub shop comment. I have eaten at Consuelas a dozen times and have enjoyed every last bite. But burrittos, tacos, and tortas are the Mexican subs, sandwiches, and wraps. I have also talked to the owners (it lets me practice my Spanish) they are friendly, enthusasctic people who clearly know thier market and hier business. They are a quick service restaurant that does a VERY god job on what they focus on but even the owners know what kind of restaurant they wanted when they put "taqueria" in thier name. If you go to a pub you do not expect table cloth service but that doesn't make the pub food any less good

        2. I finally made it there and thought the burritos were good not great but good. I also thought the prices were a little high, maybe that's just me. I got one chili verde and ond bean and rice for my kid. They were not the grande size and with one soda it was almost $14. They charge extra for guac, cheese and even lettuce. I'll probably go back btu no make a special trip for it.