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Feb 26, 2008 04:47 AM

Where is Scotch Salmon from?

We were having a debate at a restaurant last night...where is Scotch Salmon actually from...the waters off Scotland or Nova us chowhounds...

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  1. scotch salmon is salmon with scotch (the spirit) based sauce on top of it. so it possible to have scotch salmon from Nova Scotia

    scottish salmon is from scotland

    1. And just to add to my compatriot's comment, do you mean Scottish salmon or Scottish smoked salmon?

      If the former, then it must mean it has been fished in Scottish waters, landed in Scotland (havign been fished elsewhere) or, perhaps more likely these days, raised in fish farms in Scottish waters.

      If the latter, then it could have been fished anywhere as it is the smoking that takes place in Scotland that's important ( to distinguish it from our other main smoking process the "London cure".

      1. I agree with our English compatriots - Scottish salmon is from Scotland, not Nova Scotia. I've never heard of scotch cured salmon, but could be interesting ....