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Feb 26, 2008 04:22 AM

100% Whole Wheat Bread

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can get some tasty (sweetened with berries or honey perhaps) 100% whole wheat bread. I used to get just grocery store bread but since i am buying for myself only, i decided that i would get nice bread. A couple of times, I have gotten honey whole wheat at Great American Harvest Company. It is decent but they bag the bread almost immediately and it is often soggy.
so does anyone have any suggestions for me (Northern Virginia) around the $5 a loaf range.

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  1. Atwater breads goes to the dupont market on sundays and they have a really fantastic whole grain bread with seeds in that price range, and you can get a big loaf or a small loaf - which is great if it's for one person (i get the small one).

    it's very hearty, and GREAT with a nice soup.

    1. If you like Great Harvest, I'd suggest trying a different location. The one in Burke leaves loaves to cool completely on racks. If you buy a hot loaf, they put it in a paper bag w/ a plastic one for you to put the loaf in after it cools.

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        That's what the naptown one does too, why not just ask them to put it in a big open paper bag with the plastic inside?

        I can think of good bread places, but Great Harvest was the first place that came to my mind for whole wheat.

      2. My favorite is the whole wheat bread from Uptown Bakers, available at Yes! Organic Market in Cleveland Park and Brookville Supermarket, also in CP. The bread has a nice, hearty consistency and stands up well under hefty toppings.

        1. Have had pretty good luck at Cenan's in Vienna, and believe it's in your price range.