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Feb 26, 2008 04:17 AM

Fresh fruit in Sydney?

I'm about to head to Sydney, and as a devout fruit-o-phile, I'm excited to find the exotic fruits I think (I hope) I might be able to find there. Can anyone suggest a great place to buy fresh fruit in Sydney? I'm particularly interested in Australian-grown, exotic items that might be difficult to find in the US, but would welcome any and all fresh fruit recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. Try some of the Asian supermarkets in Chinatown for exotic tropicals grown in the far north. The department store, David Jones Food Hall in the city always has exquisite fruits (with a price to match). For organics, you could try some of the farmer's markets about town, but variety is not always great. The main wholesale markets are quite a long way west in the city at Flemington. Paddy's Markets in Chinatown has cheap fruit too.

    1. I did wonder if this was a spoof post i.e. can those poor Aussie's get fresh fruit? Do they have running water etc.

      However, a serious answer. Most fruit shops stock a wide range of Australian fruits and I suppose some of these may be exotic depending where you are from and how good your local shops are. As mentioned in the other reply David Jones is good but expensive. Two others are "Antico's" in Northbridge Plaze with is mile or so north of the harbour bridge, and Norton Street Grocer which is in Leichardt (a good foodie neighbourhood) and the Bondi Junction shopping centre (I think). Anticos is good for Asian ingredients (although Chinatown is better) and NSG is great for Italian/European.

      1. If you're there on the first Saturday of a month, head to the Farmer's Markets at Pyrmont (opposite the Casino), and you'll see what's grown locally. It's just gone autumn here, which means apples, pears, and quinces are just coming into season - if you're lucky you might see gooseberries - and all the berries are gorgeous - raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, youngberries, etc. Plums, apricots, peaches, and other stonefruit are still going strong. The tropical fruits will continue for a while yet - mangoes, bananas, custard apples. Interesting fruits are dragon fruit, which is gaining in popularity at the moment, guava, pomegranate ... it's hard to know what someone might find "exotic" so I'm just saying what's a little more interesting to me and seeing what people think :)

        Australia grows a significant proportion of its own fruit; we're lucky with the range of climates we've got, from tropical to alpine.

        The one thing you won't find a lot of in Sydney is native Australian fruits. Unless you know enough to pick 'em off the street trees (there are riberries in North Sydney, bunya nuts on the beaches and Illawarra plums in Newtown), you really have to hunt to even find frozen or dried versions. We're gradually getting into bushfoods but fresh produce is a little way off the greengrocer's shelves yet, sadly.