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Feb 26, 2008 03:40 AM

I Need Help With A 7 Course Menu

I need to develop a 7 course menu for my final in Garde Manger and I want to go South American with the theme. I was wondering If anyone has some good ideas for a good soup or salad or dessert I am will to take any help. I also I am looking for a good feijoada recipe

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  1. hmmmm... Cold food... South American... Soup... I've never seen nor heard of one, but what about a coffee soup? Maybe something like a vichysoise for the base, light on the leeks and onions, then spike it with a coffee concentrate or a super strong shot of espresso. Garnish with a sprinking of really great instant coffee.

    Salad? For some reason, I can't think of many South American fruits and vegetables beyond yams and -- whats that really stinky fruit? Can't think of the name of it, but it's not something you'd want to serve in a closed environment. Maybe a salade composee with yams and some sort of pork? Jellied javelina would be ideal, but where are you going to get one of those? Or even a wild boar, for that matter. Bananas also come to mind, but I don't know how authentic you want to be, since they aren't native to this hemishpere.

    Since chocolate originated in South America, is there any other choice for dessert? A friend stopped by the other day with a couple of chocolate "coffee cups" filled with a not-very-good stabilized whipped cream. The coffee cups weren't that good overall because of the filling, but if you're good at tempering and dipping chocolate for the cup shapes, the idea is great. I would fill them with small cubes of macaroons buried in a Kahlua hazlenut mousse, then top it with a capuccino head of stabilized whipped cream. A grating of nutmeg or chocolate to top it off.

    Don't know if any of these ideas will be appealing or useful, but maybe they'll start you thinking in the right direction.

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      prawn ceviche with popcorn, the national dish (should be if its not of Ecuador)

      sophie grigsons mexican style bean soup, not authentic but yummy