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Feb 26, 2008 03:15 AM

I Need Help With A 7 Course Menu

I need to develop a 7 course menu for my final in Garde Manger and I want to go South American with the theme. I was wondering If anyone has some good ideas for a good soup or salad or dessert I am will to take any help. I also I am looking for a good feijoada recipe

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  1. As far as Brasil is concerned, all the traditional desserts are fruit-based. You can't go wrong with mangoes, passion fruit and pinneaple. One of the most trational desserts is called Romeo e Julieta and combines cheese (Queijo de Minas- it is a white cheese, a little salty and very humid) with a guava paste (goiabada) . THere are modern versions of this dessert : cheese souffle with a guava coulis. It is quite good when well done. We don' eat a lot of soups here. But we do eat salads, and one of the most popular ones is potato salad. It also has carrots and peas (although this is not typical from Brasil). It is mayo based... Hope it helps...

    1. I was at Woodspoon 2 nights ago and was served a chayote salad with chayote, tomato, herbs, and a simple dressing.It was delicious and full of rich color.The maionese, the Brazilian potato salad mentioned by Flaviap is my favorite potato salad in the world, with carrots, peas, and raisins! For soups/stews, the Colombian "ajiaco"(chicken stew with capers and cream) is amazing, or perhaps a Chilean cazuela.Brazil also has salads with hearts of palm.