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Feb 26, 2008 12:29 AM

Best Westside Sandwich/Deli

I live and die for Bay Cities but I feel it might be time for me to branch out a little. The closer to Venice the better.


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  1. Stroh's on Abbot Kinney
    French Market on Abbot Kinney

    1. I agree Bay Cities is great -- not only for deli sandwiches, but also for hot dishes. Their bread is superb.

      For a change, check out Victor Jr.'s. It is on Washington across from Sony studios in Culver City. Bread is very different, much softer. I've liked their meatball sub a lot, also their eggplant parm. They advertise a philly cheesesteak sub that is quite tasty, but not very authentic at all -- more a hot roast beef and cheese. Very friendly and accommodating service, goodlooking pizza which I've yet to try, and good salads. But only open M-F, no weekends.

      1. Belwood Bakery does pretty good stuff... Bev Hills and Studio City

        Cafe Surfas does some good stuff, as does Clementine

        And, of course, I wholeheartedly agree w/ BC.

        1. Nate n' Al's - The Hollywood - Corned Beef with Cole Slaw and Russian Dressing. Order it extra juicy.

          1. a new italian deli is opening up on lincoln and palms (if not palms then close by). i drove by it the other day and there was a coming soon sign.