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Looking For Pot Roast

Just looking for a really good pot roast. The Cheaper the better.

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  1. I've never had it there so how it tastes is a ?, but the $12.75 early bird special (it's a "complete" dinner & comes with a glass of wine) at the Golden Bull in Santa Monica Canyon might be the best value without going to a chain:

    In comparison, I would assume Jar's would definately taste better; however:

    $25 - Pot Roast
    $11 - Salad (cheapest).
    $8 - Fries
    $8 - Glass of wine (guessing).
    $5 - Cup of Coffee (guessing).
    $57 - before T & T ~ OR After T & T = $72.80 versus $16.25 or 4.5 times more $$$'s !!


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        The David Kahn?
        Jeez, where have you been???
        But your comment regarding Jar is 100%. Will redefine your thoughts on what pot roast should be. Definitely recommended.

    1. I like Mimi's Cafe near PCH and Crenshaw. The one in Torrance does a pretty good job and not too expensive.The ambience is similar to a Marie Calledars and it's always crowded.

      1. Grand Lux Cafe

        Flower St Bar downtown

        Barney's Beanery

        Mel's Diner and Eat Well do them on Special nights

        1. Bake & Broil

          Bake 'n Broil
          3697 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

          1. I"m usually disappointed by pot roast... too much of a home made memory kind of thing. When I"m hungry for pot roast, I get the Belgian Beef Stew at The Kitchen in Silverlake. Just good meat and sauce. I don't think it has veggies in it. I get it with a side of their great fries and that satisfies my pot roast craving.

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              Do yourself a favor and try the one at Jar, and then come back and rediscuss the issue. Guarantee your thoughts regarding pot roast will change forever.

            2. The only version I've bought here was the pot-roasted brisket at Clifton's Cafeteria downtown. It was so good it'd almost be worth the parking hassle and wading through the much-too-lively street crowds - and if you ever go there on some sort of historical/anthropological field trip, I recommend that as your choice. I make a damn good pot roast myself, but these guys had me beat by a mile.

              1. Hoboken, which is located over on Westwood near Pico, has a good and cheap pot roast but they don't have it every day. Call ahead if interested.

                Grand Lux Cafe has a good one, too.