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Feb 25, 2008 11:10 PM

Looking For Pot Roast

Just looking for a really good pot roast. The Cheaper the better.

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  1. I've never had it there so how it tastes is a ?, but the $12.75 early bird special (it's a "complete" dinner & comes with a glass of wine) at the Golden Bull in Santa Monica Canyon might be the best value without going to a chain:

    In comparison, I would assume Jar's would definately taste better; however:

    $25 - Pot Roast
    $11 - Salad (cheapest).
    $8 - Fries
    $8 - Glass of wine (guessing).
    $5 - Cup of Coffee (guessing).
    $57 - before T & T ~ OR After T & T = $72.80 versus $16.25 or 4.5 times more $$$'s !!

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      1. re: David Kahn

        The David Kahn?
        Jeez, where have you been???
        But your comment regarding Jar is 100%. Will redefine your thoughts on what pot roast should be. Definitely recommended.

    1. I like Mimi's Cafe near PCH and Crenshaw. The one in Torrance does a pretty good job and not too expensive.The ambience is similar to a Marie Calledars and it's always crowded.

      1. Grand Lux Cafe

        Flower St Bar downtown

        Barney's Beanery

        Mel's Diner and Eat Well do them on Special nights

        1. Bake & Broil

          Bake 'n Broil
          3697 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

          1. I"m usually disappointed by pot roast... too much of a home made memory kind of thing. When I"m hungry for pot roast, I get the Belgian Beef Stew at The Kitchen in Silverlake. Just good meat and sauce. I don't think it has veggies in it. I get it with a side of their great fries and that satisfies my pot roast craving.

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            1. re: rednyellow

              Do yourself a favor and try the one at Jar, and then come back and rediscuss the issue. Guarantee your thoughts regarding pot roast will change forever.