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Feb 25, 2008 10:02 PM

another buchery question

When cleaning a bonless strip loin, there is a small, very tender musley "cap" on the back side of the stip, under the fat cap. I usualy remove this piece and sell it as Chateau breiand, but as of late I am qurious if this bit of meat has a specific name. Any chance anyone out there knows what I'm talking about {just finished a shift, so yea, I'm drunk} and can name this cut {very tender, best marbled piece of the cow it seems} for me?

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  1. If you had said this was the rib portion, not the strip, the answer would have been the spinalis dorsi muscle, which otherwise fits your description. Possibly that is what you are referring to, but that bit runs along the ribeye, at its thickest around the rib nine area, so I'm not at all sure it's what you are referring to.

    Many butchers view the spinalis dorsi as the single best meat on the steer. It is part of a rib steak, the "C" shaped muscle around the edge of the steak on the side away from the bone.

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      no..., I was, all those years ago, talking about the "second" mussle on the striploin. The one at the sholder side, the secondairy mussle, from the "Just use it for well done" Part of the steak. I still can not find a steak name for this cut, other than"butchers steak"