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Feb 25, 2008 10:01 PM

Ino -- Richardson

I read a couple of posts saying that Ino Japanese Bistro in Richardson is an authentic Japanese restaurant. I'm thinking of going there, but want to make sure it's still good and actually Japanese, as opposed to one of those run-of-the-mill places that specializes in weird rolls and teriyaki/tempura bento boxes. Has anyone been there lately who can give me an idea of what the menu's like? Thanks!

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  1. I ate there about a month ago. It was my first time; but I would say that it is very authentic. I was there for lunch and had what was basically a mini omakase (chef's choice). It was a bento that didn't really have any description on the menu. I went for it and was pleasantly surprised with a nice variety of items. I have heard that the dinner omakase is the way to go, and I will definitely try that if I am there for dinner.
    Don't worry. It's not a place for crazy rolls with cream cheese and picante sauce!

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        It's in a little shopping center on the southeast corner of Coit and Arapaho (in Richardson). Sort of behind the Starbucks that's right there.

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          Sorry, just realized I must have spaced out when I wrote that reply. It's not Coit/Arapaho - but rather Coit and Campbell. Sorry about that!

    1. Ino is NOT a sushi place. The chef makes sushi, but he is not really a sushi chef (we had really good fresh eel sushi 2 yrs ago there, though). I think his specialization is kaiseki type of dishes. IMO, their Shokado Bento is overpriced ($30 or $35) and not quite up to my taste, but it's authentic.

      Ino is in the same shopping center as Pasand. The sign says "Ino Japanese Bistro".