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Feb 25, 2008 09:48 PM

Dianne's On Devine in Cola, South Carolina

I have seen some comments on this place, but I have to repeat how angry I am that this resto is constantly included in some of Columbia's top eateries. Once again I was taken there to eat due to my job (pharm rep) and every time I am told to report there, I cringe. The food is bland and often poorly executed. The ambience is very "grandmotherly" in the main dining room, which is constantly subjected to blue smoke from filthy old men in the bar. The conversation these vulgar gentlemen are having is often audible from any dining spot in the restaurant. Tonight, when I left my table to use the restroom, I actually saw the chef on the line smoking a cigarette and inspecting food on trays to leave the kitchen. Ewwwww.
Tonight's mistake: crab-stuffed filet. These thick filets are too thick to cook to a consistent temp all the way through. No prob, I like raw meat. Seriously. But to stuff it with crab in the center and expect it to retain some temp? WHAAAAT? Didn't happen. My client's food (fish filet... halibut?) was still cold in the middle. I suspect that's because it is frozen and pre-packaged, but I can't attest to that. All I really know is that the entire experience was disgusting.
Please, those of you in the medical industry: stop choosing this resto to have companies take you to. There are far more deserving restaurants in the capital city from which to choose. Sure, it may have been great in 1991, but times have changed. Let's move on.

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    1. The first time we visited Dianne's was about a dozen years ago and we thoroughly enjoyed it. (The fact that our waitress was a dead ringer for Cindy Crawford did not hurt). The food was very good--so good, in fact, that we returned the next night. We venture in to Cola every other year for the UGA/socar game and going to Dianne's on Fr has become some thing of a tradition but it has gotten progressively worse every visit to the point where if I have any say in the matter--we go w/ a group and some particularly enjoy the place--we will visit another place. Any suggestions?

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        Well... my top recs would be (in no particular order)
        Motor Supply
        Hampton Street Vineyard
        Ristorante Divino (well this would be #1 because it's northern Italian - high end)

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          My Mom and stepdad live in Columbia and they love Motor Supply. That, and Mr. Friendlys are about their two favorite places to eat. My stepdad has some health issues now that only allow them to go out about once a week, usually for lunch, and it's always one or the other. I think I have been to Dianne's when I have come up to visit them, but it was many many moons ago. And if you actually saw the chef smoking in the kitchen, I'd call the health inspector folks and report this. This HAS to be a health violation.

      2. The Vinyard is very good. I also like Gervais and Vine in the vista. It is a tapa and wine bar. Overall it is a very good experience.

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          I prefer Hennessey's to Dianne's. Dianne's is way overrated. The service at Motor Supply is gross, but the food is phenomenal. I'd say hedge your bets, take apps at Motor Supply, dinner at Gervais and Vine, and desserts at Nonnah's. that's how I'd do it.