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Best place to eat on a thursday night?

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gonna go out for a friend's bday and we're looking for some decent dining, i.e. sushi, etc... any recommendations? late thursday night like around 11pm+.

anywhere within 25 mile radius of pasadena/sgv is fine.

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  1. Thursdays are great for sushi in L.A.

    Place Yuu is an izakaya restaurant on Sawtelle that happens to serve great sushi. Their kitchen remains open until 12:30AM.

    Place Yuu
    2101 Sawtelle (in the strip mall on the southwest corner of Sawtelle & Mississippi)
    LA, CA 90025

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      wow this one looks interesting. thanks.

    2. try angeli caffe for family night or campanile for grilled cheese.

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        oops, i didn't see the part about "late" dining. campanile closes at 11:00, i'm not sure about angeli. sorry!

      2. Table 8 has a late bar menu

        Redwood Bar and Grill

        casual, Mao's Kitchen

        Pacific Dining Car downtown

        brite spot in echo park

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          I would advise against the brite spot. I haven't been there since i got really ill, they are however open late. For late night dining little tokyo has quite a few places open, try Haru Ulala on 1st St, they are open until midnight and offer a nice variety of food in a casual atmosphere. Or if you are running late there is always china town and full house seafood (hill street) they are open until 3 AM.


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            i mentioned the BS specifically because it's open late, though admittedly, i haven't been there in quite some time.

        2. Tranquility Base in downtown opened very recently, I think they said their grand opening will be next month. It's small plates and they serve food until 1am--yippee!! They are open till 2am.

          1. Also, Honda-Ya, another izakaya in JTown in addition to Haru Ulala mentioned above, is open till 1am.