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Feb 25, 2008 08:55 PM

Whole grain muffins

I'm starting to get really tired of my usual breakfast (oatmeal made with milk, mashed banana, and maple syrup), and I'd like to change it up. I want to keep the essential parts around, including dairy, fruit, and whole grains, so I thought I would change to yogurt with fruit, and a muffin (freeze a batch & defrost one each day). Yet all the good muffin recipes I have use regular AP flour ie white flour. I prefer to start my day with whole grains, so I'm wondering: does anyone have a good muffin recipe that uses only whole grains?

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  1. i have a few good bran muffin recipes stocked away, but one of my *tricks* is to substitute "All Bran Flour" for 3/4 of the flour called for and use soy flour or amaranth or whole wheat for the remainder, depending upon who I am cooking for... All Bran Flour, I make, by taking All Bran Extra Fiber and grinding it into a powder in a processor or coffee grinder (1 cup makes 1/4 cup "flour")...

    1. I like the gingered oatmeal muffins in King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking. I use the same basic recipe with other additions, like apple chunks or walnuts.

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        King Arthur Flour has a lot of recipes on line, as well as several books.
        Bobs Red Mill also has recipes,

        If you want to try a full substitution, initially try white whole wheat flour. It won't affect texture and taste as much as the regular whole wheat.


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          I would actually recommend doing a one-to-one substitution with whole wheat pastry flour, as it's texture is closest to AP flour, and it will work with muffin most recipes without needing any changes without turning out dense or heavy.

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            I do a one to one substitution with spelt flour (I use Bob's Red Mill) and find that my muffins don't turn out heavy or dense. Spelt is a whole grain.

      2. I frequently just sub a third of the flour for whole grain in any recipe (cookies, quick breads, etc), and it usually is fine- too much more than that and it it starts to mess with texture. But I like bran muffins with 1/3 whole wheat flour (and raisins and carrots), and that seems to be healthy enough for me.

        I did recently take a whole grain baking class (which turned out to be a vegan whole grain class... really not the same thing, and kind of dissapointing). The one great take-away was using whole grain pastry flour (avail at most health food stores). It has a much finer grind, so you can sub it at a much higher rate. In the class, we used 100% whole grain pastry flour, and the products really weren't that bad, texture-wise. I haven't experimented on my own yet.

        1. I actually just made the Cinnamuffins from the New Laurel's Kitchen cookbook- nothing but oil/applesauce/molasses/whole wheat flour (I used white whole wheat)/spices/raisins/baking soda and powder and salt, I think. A nicely deep flavor for breakfast without being super sweet. Do a search for the original recipe and see if there are any more from the book- all I did was double the cinnamon, throw in some pumpkin pie spice and vanilla extract and sprinkle with brown sugar. Probably great with walnuts or pecans or chocolate chips thrown in too...

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            chocolatstiletto, I googled the cinnamuffin recipe but couldn't find it. by any chance, could you post it? it sounds so delish!

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              Here you go- the original is posted here (

              I really think they'll be great fun to tinker with though- definitely pumpkin, maybe some crystallized ginger on top...?

              let me know what you think!