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Feb 25, 2008 08:30 PM

Is Gramercy tavern, the bar a good experience

I heard this is one of the most popular places in the city, and I can't afford the restaruant. The bar menu looks interesting. Is the service, food and ambience nice too?

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  1. I just ate in the bar on my trip to NYC a week ago. The service was still very good even though the whole place was on a wait/booked. I believe they are known for their good service. We just walked in and waited for a bar table, which took about 15-20 minutes. The bar is a bit more casual and you can get away with wearing jeans and a sweater. It's my understanding that the dining room is a bit more formal and stuffy. The bar is still treated basically like a fine dining experience. The bussers and the servers work together to ensure that you're having a nice time. I didn't feel like we were eating in a bar/lounge. It basically felt like a trendy bistro. The only drawback is that the menu is rather limited. But, if you did look at it online, it was basically the same when we got there. My boyfriend had the pork chop. I had the stuffed meatball. I had a delicious martini that they called a Cranberry Daiquiri, and my boyfriend got to enjoy a rare beer that he hardly sees anywhere in LA. We also had some little appetizer thing that I can't begin to describe correctly. We skipped dessert because we were full and nothing on the menu really called out to us.
    It was definitely good and I didn't feel let down at all. I say go for it.

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      I've not eaten there for ages - since the new chef came in - but one of the things I love about going there is how very beautiful the room is. They always have incredible seasonal flower arrangements.

    2. Do you mean eating at the actual bar in the Tavern Room or eating within the Tavern Room itself? The Tavern Room is the formal name for the informal dining area in GT.

      I've eaten there several times, and it's great. No reservations are accepted, so go a little early or late. I've never found the menu to be too limited. The meatball is great, so are the desserts.

      1. My favorite place to eat in the world. The room is so lovely! Food is great, excellent selection of beers, good cocktails and wonderful service. The bacon wrapped trout was amazing last time I was there. Also ask about their daily special. The last couple times once it was a beef tenderloin and once it was venison. Both was fantastic!

        1. tavern room menu is great. I haven't actually sat at the bar, but I've had the tavern menu at the tables in the tavern room--it's a great value.

          1. We ate there last night--a return after many trips--and it was excellent. A vibrant, though laid back, unpretentious atmosphere with none of the attitude of similarly popular eateries.

            We particularly enjoyed the "large meatball" entree and I highly recommend the pear drink on the list of specialty drinks.

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              I think the bar is way too crowded to really enjoy a meal there and I don't think it is inordinately expensive, entrees are a bit over $20 so I would treat yourself as it really is a very fun place.

                1. re: bronwen

                  The service and ambience are both wonderful, and great value too. The stuffed meatball was excellent. Go early to avoid the wait though, as no reservations accepted.