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Feb 25, 2008 08:08 PM

Locally-owned Ice Cream/Gelato places in SD

Where are the locally-owned Ice Cream/Gelato/Sorbet parlors around San Diego? I've managed to find almost every chain imaginable (Maggie Moo's, Coldstone, B&R, etc.), but while they're generally good, they lack the personal touch of the family-owned parlors. Any suggestions?

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  1. I like Mariposa on Adams and 34th in Normal Heights. It's a mom and pop place, and I recommend the Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream-- it's chocolate with cinnamon flavor.

    1. Niederfrank's in National City is an independent old fashioned ice cream parlor, as is Mariposa on Adams in Normal Heights. Scoop in South Park also sells Niederfrank's ice cream. Gelato Vero on India at Washington and Pappalecco in Little Italy are good independent Gelaterias.

      I think Mootime Creamery is also locally owned - but I could be wrong, they have an outlet in Coronado and used to have a couple of others, but I think the might have closed. There is definitely one in the Hotel del Coronado though. It's somewhat like Coldstone/Maggie Moos, but a slightly better product. I also recall reading about a good independent gelateria in Coronado on Chowhound a while back - might want to do a search for that.

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        I am pretty sure the Coronado Mootime is the only location. It's too bad, as the UC location was a favorite of mine.

      2. My favorite locally-owned ice cream is at Oasis Ice Cream Parlor, in Imperial Beach. While not called gelato, the very dense, airless ice cream is gelato-esque in texture. The guy who makes it uses a very rich cream, and only cream - no egg yolks involved. I can't speak highly enough of this stuff, it is incredible.

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          Oasis' web site:

          Cheesy, but don't let that influence you. Their ice cream is the best I've had in SD, including Mariposa, and Gelato.

        2. We just bought an ice cream maker after discovering there really are no down-home local ice cream joints in the north coast county region.

          1. Maybe Gelato Vero or Mondo Gelato?

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              I believe Gelato Vero used to make Gelato for all the San Diego parlors but am not sure these days since the owner was killed.

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                I thought the owner died from a heart attack. . .anyway, the gelato is still very, very good.

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                  He did - on the premises I believe. Gelato Vero sell ice cream thru several smaller vendors including the street stand in OB (can't remember the name right now) and the coffee shop in Kensington that used to be Kensington Coffee Co - I think they changed their name to San Diego Coffee Co. or something like that.

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                    my fault. I only remember the initial report of him being found in the freezer and the news alluded to murder. Must have stopped on Fox News on accident.

                    Still a tragedy, and I am thrilled they were able to stay open.