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Feb 25, 2008 07:56 PM

Inexpensive/healthy near Orlando convention center

Poor grad student will be at the Orange County Convention Center for a conference......
Any ideas for cheap/healthy food near the convention center? (within a few miles or easy public transportation distance)
Any good grocery stores nearby?


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  1. I don't know how helpful this is since you said public transportation, but a short drive to Sand Lake Road @ Turkey Lake Road will get you to a Whole Foods (I think it's open, it's a new one).

    I can't think of anything else near the Convention Center is cheap or healthy. There might be a smoothie place in one of the shopping centers, but you'd have to look for it or look it up.

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      Whole foods not open yet, unfortunately. Grocery? as far as I know, Publix is the only thing near by. But you're more likely to find better food, IMHO, off of I Drive. Sand Lake Road has a few choices. First Watch is very good, serving breakfast and lunch and they have some great healthy options.

    2. There is an "I-Drive Trolly" with a stop at the Convention Center. Here is a link to their website with a list of restaurants with trolly stop numbers.

      You can do your own search on this site by price range. Three pages <$10.00 and four pages <$20.00.

      My suggestions from this list:

      Sweet Basils is a Thai restaruant within an easy walk. Good food at modest prices. Cafe TuTu Tango serves tapas with many healty options. Hanamizuki is a highly rated Japanese restaurant. For a quick cheap meal (decent/not great) there is a Sweet Tomatos chain with huge salad bar. All of these, and more, are within a short walk or quick trolly ride away from the CC.

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      1. re: Windsor

        Windsor gives all good ideas. There's a Goodings near Hanamazuki that has good to-go food. Taverna Opa has Greek food at a decent price, in Pointe Orlando. Pio Pio has excellent Peruvian chicken, inexpensive, on corner of Kirkman and International Drive.

      2. thanks so much, everyone-
        it's hugely appreciated!