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Feb 25, 2008 07:19 PM

Birthday Dinner in Providence

Hello Chowhouds...
Looking for a place to take my roommate and about 5 other friends for her birthday this Saturday. She doesn't like anything spicy and is looking for a reasonable price (about $15-$18/person) and a nice atmosphere. We've been to and enjoy places like Apsara, Garden Grille (I'm a vegetarian), and Hope Street Pizza, but are looking to try someplace new. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. How about Parkside on South Main
    Paragon Cafe on Thayer Street
    Andreas on Thayer Street

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    1. re: lil_acorn

      Bravo (downtown) and Red Stripe (Wayland Square) both fit the bill, too.

    2. Try Sicellias Pizza on Atwells and Dean. Great stuffed pizza, full bar, have fun on the cheap.

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        I love Sicelia's too! We went once and ordered one of each of their pie styles - regular, stuffed and crispy-thin...I loved their thin pizza the most.

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        1. For inexpensive, great Italian food look no further than Saint Barts in Silver Lake (on Sophia Street). Their meatballs are outstanding, as are the homemade Cavatelli's, and their tortollini are awesome as well. It's out of the way (unless you live in Silver Lake that is), but completely worth it. Don't forget to enjoy several bottles of the $ red!!!

          1. Maybe the Red Fez? They have really tasty food, and you can sit downstairs (more subdued) or upstairs (more loud and fun). They have a great bar and it's just a really festive place.

            HOWEVER, if you're more into a traditional restaurant atmosphere - the Red Fez has a vintage frog dissection poster upstairs at the bar - then go to the Red Stripe. You will have a nice evening. Food is better at the Red Fez though.