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Feb 25, 2008 07:11 PM

Santa Monica Sushi Lunch?

Sushi isn't my first choice, so I'm not really an expert, although not totally new to sushi. I have some friends visiting (from Ohio) and they want to try some Sushi.

We are planning to be in Santa Monica (they want to go in the ocean, too cold for me the Californian, I'll be watching) but I thought we would find someplace in Santa Monica for a Sushi lunch.

Ideally it would be a casual place (we will be in beachy clothes although thats not unusual for Santa Monica :) and relatively inexpensive--maybe someplace with a good lunch special. Something where my friends could try a couple things (and certainly not just the California roll that you can get anywhere.)

Also any suggestions for things to try or suggest for newbie yet adventorus eaters.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Echigo in West LA has a lunch special for 11$ or 12$, I think. It's very casual (it's located in a strip mall) but has excellent sushi. It's quite traditional, however, so it might not work if you're looking for cut rolls. The quality of the fish is great so it could be perfect if you're looking to move away from rolls..

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      I wanted to report back that we did go to Echigo and enjoyed it quite a bit. As you say, it is traditional, but it was actually perfect for what we were looking for.

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          It's always odd to me how much some posters here absolutely "hate" Echigo with a passion. Every time I have gone over the years the sushi has been fresh, the service has been good to okay and the price is certainly right.

      1. Off of 3rd St. Promenade (I think 2nd and Arizona) is Lighthouse Buffet. It's a pretty good deal, and it has a variety of different sushis and Japanese cooked food. That might be a good place to take them. It's certainly not the best sushi ever, but it might be a good choice for you since I'm not sure if your friends will be adventureous enough to try some other authentic sushi places.

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          Kiriko and the Hump have good lunch specials, and the Hump is probably a good place for tourists (on the runway at SM airport). Zo is excellent, but a bit more pricey for lunch (no special last I checked)

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            MORI SUSHI in West LA (a quick (12 minute) drive from the SM Beach up Pico Blvd.) is a lovely casual room; the sushi is excellent (pricey a la carte) but there are excellent lunch specials. Mori is also known for the quality of his rice, which is grown by small farms in California.
            You need to make a reservation.

            Mori Sushi11500 West Pico Boulevard
            Los Angeles, California, 90064-1520

            I second the recommendation for THE HUMP. Excellent Sushi; it is expensive for dinner, I would check to see if there are lunch specials. The view of the runway is fun--a lovely general aviation airport.
            THE HUMP
            3221 Donald Douglas Loop S., Third Fl.
            Santa Monica, CA 90405

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              Can you provide more details about the lunch specials? I thought Mori was out of my price range--I'd love to go for lunch.

        2. On Montana Ave, there is Sushi Sho. A tiny take out place with a few tables. Very fresh sushi and rolls made by a sushi chef, and very casual. Perfect for dropping in with your beachy clothes. Montana is a good place to stroll around with tourists, too.

          1. Roll House sushi on 4th Street across from the mall has lots of interesting rolls. It's tiny, though.