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Feb 25, 2008 06:59 PM

Deli lunch near UCLA Thursday

Hi all,

Looking for a great deli near UCLA Medical Center for Thursday lunch. Have heard of a few, looking for the CH experts opinion. Pastrami on the radar. Many thanks.

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  1. if i were in your position, i'd definitely drive to beverly hills and go to nate 'n als.
    if you can't do the drive, then i'd go to juniors on westwood blvd near pico.

    i would not go to jerry's.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      if you're gonna drive to nate'n'al's, i'd rather go to factor's on pico, not too much farther than bev hills.

      personally, i'm not a junior's fan, unless like westsidegal says, you can't drive... but in that case, junior's is still quite a bus ride...

    2. You are searching for the impossible -- there are no great delis on the westside, and certainly none in Westwood Village. As I see it, here are your choices:

      Jerry's Famous Deli is certainly the most convenient traditional option. It is just a couple of blocks down from the UCLA Med Center, on the north side of Weyburn just east of Broxton. (I don't know if they validate parking in the shared lot in back, but it is certainly walkable.) What you get is comfortable seating, ok service, a huge menu, and fair but drastically overpriced food.

      For upscale sandwiches and salads, there is Damon & Pythias, on the west side of Broxton a bit south of Weyburn. Several nice outside tables, which fill up quickly on nice days as this week promises to be, and more seating inside. Several choices of grilled meats and accompaniments to make sandwiches or salads, about $10. More American/Cal/Mediterranean than deli.

      For more inexpensive sandwiches, there is the longstanding Sepi's Giant Subs on Le Conte, almost directly south of the med center. Good crunchy rolls, institutional meats, and fresh toppings. Their large subs are a much better value than the regular, at just a couple bucks more. Order at the counter, most subs $6-9.

      Whichever you choose, remember that Diddy Riese is right there on Broxton just south of Le Conte for big cookies or an ice-cream sandwich for $1.25 for dessert. Worth stopping in since you've already had to park somewhere...

      All in all, you may be best off at the In-and-Out Burger, on Gayley just south of Le Conte. There is The Roll Inn, which many years ago was the buck-fifty sandwich place, but prices have risen and with double meat (pretty necessary there) the sandwiches aren't cheap. The Bella Pita falafel place just a couple doors down on Gayley fries up fresh falafel and has a do-it-yourself bar for greens, condiments, and sauces for your pita, at about $4. No real place to sit, though. Both the Whole Foods (south on Gayley) or Ralph's (east on Le Conte) have "deli" service.

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      1. re: nosh

        Agreed on all counts - I work next door to the Medical Center and bring my lunch b/c the options are so crappy. Another idea for great deli if you're driving - go to Bay Cities Italian Deli on Lincoln and Colorado in Santa Monica for fabulous sandwiches.

        1. re: fleurgrrl

          Hi all,
          Thanks for all the comments so far. Nosh, and all others, since I am not too familiar with the area (coming from the Central Coast for a medical appointment) I will take your words to heart, regarding the lack of good delis in the area. I will be coming through Santa Monica however, so the options there may be better? Also, a great burger would suffice as well, although I'll pass on the In and Out - not my favorite burger joint. Thanks again.

          1. re: sbkat

            Bay Cities -- Great deli in Santa Monica, though the Italian rather than Jewish variety. Fantastic, crusty rolls. Many love the Godmother sandwich, which is a combination of prosciutto and other high-end Italian salumi. Others like something simpler like the turkey or the poor boy, for a massive amount of bologna and salami. Whichever you choose, get "the works" and especially the medium or hot pepper salad on top. If eating there, consider the fantastic meatball sub, but know it doesn't travel well. Bay Cities is just north of the Lincoln exit from the 10 freeway, on the east side of the street.

            My favorite burger in L.A. is at a divy bar not far from UCLA, called Philly West. It is on Westwood Blvd, just south of Santa Monica Blvd. on the east side, with a shared free parking lot in the back. They fire-grill a half-pound oblong burger to a medium-rare, juicy char, grill some onions, and serve it on a cheesesteak roll with all of the garnishings. Messy and delicious, and a great value at about $6. Highly recommended. Much better than The Counter, Barney's Gourmet Burgers, or other high-end burgers costing three times as much. From there, just a few blocks west on Santa Monica Blvd. to pick up the 405 freeway to head back home.

            (A second opinion on Philly West:

            1. re: nosh

              Bay Cities sounds great, love crusty rolls!
              Philly West also sounds great = love a good burger, and not crazy about The Counter.
              I'm also just thinking about hitting my old jaunt, The Farmer's Market, on 3rd, as I take the PCH up the coast and through Santa Monica to UCLA. I usually take the same route back.
              So far though, Philly West sounds perfect - thanks again Nosh.

              1. re: nosh

                I've been by Philly West several times lately and have wondered about it, so thanks for the post! will try it soon and report back...For some reason the link to the second opinion isn't working for me though....

              2. re: sbkat

                The Apple Pan is in Westwood, and some like me swear by their burgers, fries, and pie. If this is too late, try it next time.

            2. re: nosh

              also worth a try in Westwood is the Attari Sandwich shop, south of Wilshire just off Westwood, on the side street south of Borders. Enter through the courtyard, just off Westwood. Persian sandwiches. The Ash (spelling?) soup is to die for.

            3. If your heart is set on Pastrami (on Rye?) near UCLA Medical in Westwood Village, here are your options:

              Jerry's Deli - Big menu with big prices, the one time I tried it it was a greasy spoon experience. The "only" postive I can remember reading was their Matza Ball soup.
              Pastrami on Rye - $14.50 ($10.50).
              Lean Pastrami - $16.75 ($11.95).

              Sepi's - Submarine shop, cheap meats.
              $7.95 ($4.95) - Sub (or not on rye).

              Jose Bernsteins - Small Mexican/Deli with cheap prices and cheap quality throughout.
              $3.99 on Rye.

              South Street - Philly Cheese chain.
              $6.75 on roll/sub. Quality = ?????

              Angelino's Cafe - Very small Italian.
              $6.99 ($5.95) - sub ?, I doubt it's on Rye.

              Headlines - Corner cafe/diner.
              $6.95 with fries - Bread ? They might have rye.

              Marvin's Diner - Inside Stan's Donuts
              $5.69 - bread ? Avoid.

              The only Pastrami I've had lately nearby was at Philly's West. Not in the Village, but on Westwood Blvd. about 9 blocks south of Wilshire with free parking out back.
              $5.95 ($3.55) approx. - sub. Okay, just not tradional.

              Bottom Line - On a price per value consideration inside the Village, I personally would give Headlines' version a try. 2nd option - I would be curious how a Momo & Pop Italian version might taste from Angelinos. But I've haven't tried eithers version, so ?

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              1. re: JBC

                Many thanks for the recs. I'm going to stick with Philly's, based on your rec and Nosh's. Price is not really an issue, but having lived in NYC I know what you mean when a $16.00 dollar sandwich is mentioned, and it's worth it!

                And, when it's not. I was just back in NYC in January, and the best deli sand I had was less than that... by a good 4 dollars.

                1. re: JBC

                  YES!!! Angelinos' is wonderful and so few people know about it! A much better choice than Jerry's Deli - although I admit I'm fond of Jerry's Sweet & Sour Cabbage Soup from time to time.

                  angelino's is tiny, with only a few seats, but the food is great and the staff are wonderful.

                2. sbkat -- If you look thru the window into the small kitchen at Philly West and see the 50ish guy with salt & pepper hair, just go ahead and order the burger. If it is a younger Hispanic guy, then specify medium-rare (with a char) and no or light mayo -- he tends to have a heavier hand with it. If you must have fries, specify welldone.

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                  1. re: nosh

                    Perfect - you read my mind! welldone fries and medium-rare burger. Excellent.

                    1. re: sbkat

                      .....and while were on this subject..........make sure you try the brown garlic sauce to dip your extra-crisp (well-done) fries into!!!!!!

                      You won't find that at McDonald's, In-in-Out, ect., ect., .......

                  2. So, did you end up going to Philly West? How was your lunch??

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                    1. re: nosh

                      Sadly no, Nosh -
                      I had to leave LA right after my appointment at UCLA to get back up the coast. Grrr...
                      I further tortured myself by looking up other posts and menus from Philly West once home... Next time I'm down for sure, I will hit it hard.