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Feb 25, 2008 06:40 PM

Brooklyn Pie Company?

Anyone tried the pizza from here? I just noticed it on Mesa today while driving over to Spicewood springs. Since the Saccone's we frequented burned down, I've been craving some thin crust pizza close to my house. Anyone have any experience with Brooklyn Pie?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. Where on Mesa is this? I only knew of their Round Rock location. No info on their website. I have never tried it, mostly because it was in RR.

    1. This is confusing, because there is a Brooklyn Pie Company in Round Rock and one in Georgetown, and they are not the same company seems that they had a dispute and split off, from what I can tell. I have eaten at both and prefer the one in Georgetown, although the one in Round Rock is still much better then most pizza places in town.

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        Wait. Now I'm confused! There is a Brooklyn Pie Company in my neighborhood (Avery Ranch) which would be considered Cedar Park.
        I can tell you the crust is good, but they use too much cheese (my pet peeve) and it greases down the pizza too much.

        1. re: curlykerry

          Oh boy, another one ...the 2 that I have eaten at are in La Frontera in Round Rock and on a tiny little street right off I-35 in Georgetown. I did not know about the one in Cedar Park you know if it is affiliated with either of these 2 ?

          1. re: curlykerry

            Are you sure you're not thinking of Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria?

          2. re: judiftx1

            No dispute at all....Original owner of Georgetown store partnered up with current ownership to open up the Round Rock location and in a roundabout way the Avery Ranch location. Ownership of the Georgetown store and the Avery Ranch location has changed hands at least twice since then...

          3. Here is the link to their website, listing their new Mesa Location. I'll have to say - the pizza on the website does not look appetizing to me, but I wondered if others had tried it. :)

              1. re: ktwdw129

                Ha, that IS one ugly pizza. I've been jonesing for Saccone's, can't get to Round Rock or Leander since they closed the Anderson Mill one. Did try Nino's Sunday and it was okay, nice thin crust and light sauce and okay cheese. Two slices, one really covered with good pepperoni and a coke for less than $5.00, I did like that. And a nice open and clean bright room.

                1. re: BTAustin

                  Saccone's is opening a new location across 620 from the Volente HEB at 620 and Anderson Mill. I haven't heard when though I'm pretty sure a phone call to the existing stores would provide the answer.

              2. Okay, here's the story as it was told to me by the original owner (a former NYer, owner of the the original branch in Gtown). One of the guys left the Gtown location and started a new, unrelated branch in RR, but used the same name. Original owner got into a legal battle over the name.

                The pies at the original spot in Gtown were well worth the drive. Emphasis on WERE. The place was sold to new owners, now does delivery, and is not. at. all the same.

                I have heard that the RR knockoff isn't anywhere close to the original place, but I don't know first hand. I never went there just out of principle.

                I DO know that the only decent pies in Gtown are at Paesano's on Leander Road - it's owned by an older Italian couple.