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Feb 25, 2008 06:33 PM

Brunch in Palm Springs?

Ok, first the parameters:

-30pp in our party
-less pricey is better, we will have had two pricey events so a better value is good for us
-we are in town, unfortunately, during the Dinah Shore Weekend so the town will be packed
-since we usually take up two seatings, we tip the server double
-we must sit in the same area/room since we do a gift exchange after the meal
-free champers or drink discounts

The past few years we have been to Dale's Lost Highway, The Villas Resort and I forget where else. Our first year (this is #5) we only had 18 pp so we ate a GREAT breakfast at Don and Sweet Sue's. But it was just breakfast.

I have thought of Hambuger Mary's but the reviews on service suck. I should call Dale's but the town will be overflowing with women attending the golf weekend.

Lastly I'm tempted to rent a darn bus and take everybody on an oddball excursion the to the taco stand near cabazon and then back to Koffi's garden area to do our gift exchange.



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  1. For such a large group on a busy weekend it may be hard to get reservations.

    One possibility would be the buffet at the Morongo Casino. Their brunch includes unlimited free bloody mary's and champagne and costs ~$25. The dining room is huge and has a couple separate dining rooms for large groups. The food is okay for a buffet.

    1. We went to Piero's Acqua Pazza in Rancho Mirage last weekend for a morning-after the wedding brunch and it was great. There were probably 20 of us, and they setup a buffet-style thing in the gazebo on the water at the River. You should check it out.