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Feb 25, 2008 06:26 PM

cincinnati spaghetti

does anyone know of a place in nyc that serves cincinnati spaghetti?

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  1. According to most reports, it doesn't exist here. One place tries to replicate it, though.

    Out of curiousity, are you asking because you've eaten Skyline Chili, or because you saw it for the first time on the Food Network last night?

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    1. re: jakew8

      I've never been to Skyline Chili, but I've had it elsewhere. And watching Food Network last night gave me the craving for it!

      1. re: jno

        I hear you--it's pretty craveable.

        FYI, the Manhattan Chili Company in Grand Central just introduced something called "Cincinnati Lamb" chili. Being made from lamb and likely being served without spaghetti, it's not going to be anything like Skyline, but it might be tasty nonetheless.

        1. re: jakew8

          Cincinnati Night at Edward's is once a month on a Monday. It's very popular and you need to make reservations well in advance. The owner (Edward) is from Cincinnati and has the skyline chili shipped directly by truck from Cincy to Edwards. They also ship in handful of classic dishes from the city of seven hills. Things like Montgomery Inn Ribs, LaRosa’s Pizza, and Graeters Ice. Come here to get your skyline fix!

    2. You can get chili at the Cincinnati Night at Edward's. I believe it's a monthly occurence, but I'm not certain.

      1. I lived in Cincinnati for many years and have not found anyplace in the area that serves anything like it. Your best bet is to just go to and order the stuff directly and make it yourself at home. That is what many Cincinnatians do when they are living away from home.

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        1. re: bobby06877

          thanks for the tip, I think i'll go that route to get my fix.

        2. I've been to Edwards. It's across from the Odeon. Once a month, on a monday, I think, it holds a cincinnati night. According to my friend, it is the real deal. It was fun just for the experience. And it is the real thing, skyline chili, three ways, also the dogs.

          Btw, ordering from skyline chili is expensive. Check ebay. There are folks who buy the cans and resell cheaper.