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Feb 25, 2008 06:20 PM

Romantic Anniversary Spot


It's getting close to my husband's and my 6th wedding anniversary. We've been living in McHenry county for about a year and a half (we moved from the East coast) but don't really know any nicer, romantic places to eat. We're looking for a romantic place for dinner in either the McHenry county area, or downtown Chicago or somewhere in between. We're hoping to find a place that's not real expensive. Probably a total bill around $100 maximum. Type of cuisine isn't as important as good food.

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  1. Happy almost anniversary! I have a couple inexpensive yet romantic recommendations...

    I love Rose Angelis for a low-key yet romantic meal in the city. It's in Lincoln Park near Racine and Wrightwood. It is delicious, eclectic Italian food and is reasonably priced. Must haves include the duck tortelloni, portobella ripiene con pollo and lasagna al forno. And, definitely try the fresh strawberries in chilled caramel for dessert. They probably won't take a reservation for two. But, you can either go early or wait across the street at Maeve over a drink and Rose Angelis will call when your table is ready. Note, it can get a bit loud but you'll excuse it because the food will be so good.

    Also, consider Erwin, in Lakeview, especially if you can go on a Wednesday evening. They have a prix-fixe option on Wednesdays. For $25/person you can each choose any starter, entree and dessert. The food and service is impeccable and the wine varied and delicious. It is a much quieter environment than Rose Angelis. Good luck!