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Feb 6, 2002 03:18 PM

Santa Monica delivery

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At my new job in Santa Monica, we order in every day. Free lunch is a winning concept, but the office seems to order from a limited universe of bad menus. Can anyone suggest some good places in Santa Monica that deliver?

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  1. Cicero's Pizza or Classic Pizza (392-6322).

    Great soups, good salads, good pasta selection, and good sandwhiches. Not too expensive.

    We also order food, not the greatest, but Lotus Chinese food delivers and its pretty cheap...not that good though.

    1. If you're going to order chinese, JR Seafood is pretty good...they're located on 2nd Street. California Wok in WLA on Wilshire is great...they use white meat for their chicken and they will deliver to SM...much better than JR. For Greek, there's Stop N Go Cafe on the promenade. For Thai, Bangkok West on Santa Monica Blvd. Enjoy :)

      1. Tacos Por Favor is at the corner of Olympic and 14th st. they deliver. the tacos are awesome, very authentic (mahi mahi, veggie, carnitas, potato, shrimp and others). they also have good daily specials (i had a spinich burrito thing one time). prxs are great. i like the vibe there, too. you might want to stop in to pick up a take out menu, instead of just calling, so you can get a feel for the place.

        there is one person in my ofc who doesn't like this place. he is from ohio and he usually eats pizza hut and subway sandwiches for lunch. for mexican, he prefers a place called "pepe o'brian" up at bundy. so, you do the math! but, if you're in an ofc, you may hv other people like this as well, so be prepared. if someone's never actually been to mexico, like my co-worker (and i'm not talking about cancun), they may not "get" tacos por favor.

        let me know what you think!

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        1. re: fat kitty

          Pepe O brien is the worse mexican food I have ever eaten.

          1. re: Belafkih

            ditto to that...its absolutely gross!!! I don't know how they're still in business.

            1. re: Belafkih

              well, you're right. i didn't mean to imply that pepe o brian could really be considered either "mexican" or even "food" for that matter. all the more reason to go to tacos por favor!!! have you tried it?

              1. re: fat kitty

                I've driven by it before and wondered how it was. I think I'll try it next week! Its always looked tempting to try....but I've had problems with parking every time I've tried to check it out.

                I went to the other mexican place down olympic (Chiouahaha or something...somewhere in the same area...maybe 17th or 20th or something), which wasn't bad but it took them 20 minutes to make a quesedilla and a fish taco!

          2. Thai Dishes, either at Ocean & Broadway or 19th and Wilshire, for Thai.

            I believe Chandni Indian delivers, on Wilshire & 19th.

            Get a Takeout Taxi menu (available at Koo Koo Roo on 20th and Wilshire).

            Chicago Ribs on 4th and Santa Monica delivers.

            SK Philly Steak (can't recommend, never been) on Arizona at the ocean delivers.

            Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen (14th and Wilshire).

            Pho Bac Huynh delivers but it's not very good when it is delivered - much better in person.

            Asakuma Sushi Delivery on Santa Monica just east of the BK.

            Hope this helps.