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Feb 25, 2008 04:49 PM

cornbread as hot cereal - am i the only one?

i'm sitting here eating one of my favorite snacks:

- slice some cornbread in half (top half and bottom half) so that it's two thin, wide slices
- toast it to dry it out a little
- in the meantime, heat up some (maybe 1/4 C?) milk in a bowl
- lay the toasted cornbread in the milk
- sprinkle with sugar if you are using unsweetened cornbread

i just tried doing a search for it, but i can't seem to find anyone else who eats it this way. i did see that some people crumble cornbread into a glass of milk as a snack, but i haven't seen it heated up as more of a hot cereal. anyone else?

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  1. ever layer it with warm milk and honey butter?

    cornbread, i certainly miss it... i like mine sweet though, a la marie callendars...

    it also makes a good stacking base (assuming yours doesn't have corn pieces in it) for strawberry or raspberry or blueberry "shortcake"

    1. This used to be common farm food in the south. Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote about eating it for dinner.

      Also, according to wikipedia, 'In Vermont, ground nutmeg is often added, and day-old "Johnny cake" is crumbled and served with cold milk similar to cold cereal.'

      1. As a kid, I remember my Grandmother making me milk toast for breakfast, toasted white bread with butter and sugar on it and then covered with warm milk. As I recall it was pretty good. I might have to try some tomorrow morning.

        1. You are not the only one - I love hot milk on corn bread - what a treat!!

          1. I like it that way - that's dinner.