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Feb 25, 2008 04:39 PM


I tried making orzo for the first time, and man I fell in love with it, now I have plenty left over, any recomendations for different variations of this loveable pasta?

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  1. I use it like fried rice. Little oil in the pan, some shallots or green onions or garlic or whatever you got. Some frozen peas, corn, leftover whatever, then the orzo. Maybe some soy sauce. Scramble a few eggs in the middle post-soy sauce.

    1. Here is a link to a recipe I came up with (please note, I reviewed my submission and made a correction, 1/2 lb (uncooked) Orzo not 1 lb) .

      1. I've actually used it to make "rice" pudding. Came out great. It also works well in cold salads during the summer.

        1. You can treat it like a risotto. Just be sure, of course, not to overcook it.

          1. Giada DiLaurentiis has a recipe that we've enjoyed very much that includes orzo, chopped fresh grape tomatoes, green onions, and feta cheese. Here's a link. It's served at room temperature, though we've eaten leftovers straight from the fridge and it's great that way too. This is my favorite orzo recipe.


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              This does look good. I use leftover orzo plus whatever other veggies I have around to do pasta salads.

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                This is a great recipe. I love making it in the summer.