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Feb 25, 2008 04:24 PM

Best Mexican Desserts -- SD

We've had some some great Mexican desserts in San Diego the past few months. Some highlights:

Restuarante Romesco, Bonita -- Wonderfully fresh homemade churros served in a paper sack (just like you'd buy them in Tijuana on the street) served with Mexican chocolate sauce as a dipping sauce.

El Agave, Old Town -- Mexican chocolate creme brulee, their take on traditional creme brulee is totally wonderful, a surprise.

Frida Mexican Cuisine, Chula Vista -- Crepes de cajeta, the smoothest, silkiest crepes de cajeta I ever remember having (except maybe in Mexico City).

Northgate Market, San Diego -- Tres Leches from the bakery, to quote my friend: "Not short a leche!" Moist, rich, just like the best homemade.

Anybody else have any great Mexican dessert experiences?

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  1. Great Thread

    I can agree with the Cajeta Crepes at Frida -- the light goat milk taste is something I find addictively haunting. Though I wish the sexy, eggy crepes were not drenched in it.

    Right now all I can think up is: Go to Panchitas!

    1. I was really encouraged to see that El Agave had started making their own desserts instead of the bought in chocolate pyramid and creme brulee. Lets hope it lasts!