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Feb 6, 2002 01:54 PM

Terrific Italian - Los Feliz - Worth the trip

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Located right in the heart of the Los Feliz district, Il Cappricio delivers some of the best Italian I've had in LA at a low price. The head chef/owner of Il Cappricio is not only creative, but makes some of the best damn calimari fritti I've ever had.

Other great dishes - the consistency of the gnocchi is unbelievable (it's near impossible to make light gnocchi) and served in a wonderful roguefort sauce, the lamb penne is my favorite, and my boyfriend swears by the steaks.

Another great perk... bring your own wine at NO CHARGE. A group of about 14 friends went there for dinner last week.. the food and service was flawless (as usual)... everyone had an entree, we shared about 5 appetizers and 5 desserts... and it only cost $20 per head including tip!!!

Try it... and let me know what you think...


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  1. i live in los feliz, so no big trip for me. but i do not know this restaurant. can you give the address?

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      It's on Vermont Ave across the street from The Dresden Room. You can park in the back.

      Another killer dish is the Chicken Vesuvio--2 roasted breasts with garlic and rosemary served with spinach and roasted potatoes. Tony (chef) and his wife Rosemary are two of the nicest people you could meet. The waitstaff are all very friendly. T & R have owned restaurants in the area for as long as I've been in it (16 yrs) and always try and please.

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        It's right across the street from the Dresden

      2. I dined at Il Capriccio one evening before the Greek.
        As an appetizer, I had clams casino; I came down with food poisoning, missed the concert but was stuck there,
        sick in parking lot for 3 hours; miserable experience. Health Dept. investigated and found violations; the one affecting me; unsafe storage of fish. Won't ever go back there again!