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Feb 25, 2008 03:29 PM

Saturday Night Dinner West LA for 16

Hi all,

I'm looking for a good and affordable (<$20/person) for a birthday (#26) dinner this weekend. 16 people. I was thinking about Bossa Nova or a sushi restaurant. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. There is NO WAY you do acceptable sushi for less than $20 per person. Are you thinking that everyone would order their own entree? Or more a collection of dishes that everyone would share? Are you including beverage and tip and tax in that under $20? Alcohol??? Is everyone paying separately or are you footing the bill?

    With shared dishes spread among maybe two or three tables, I'd say look at the menu for Shamshiri (Persian -- kabobs, stews, rice) or Hu's (Chinese -- soup and spring rolls or dumplings, plus a variety of entrees) or maybe taking over a portion of a place like the Shack (burgers, sandwiches, bar bites and beer).

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      your shamshiri idea is an extremely good one imho.
      two shamshiri entrees will easily feed three big eaters.
      the $15 appetizer platter will fill up two big eaters.
      their freshly baked bread is free-flowing, addicting, and free.

    2. You could do it at C&O's if that price doesn't include drinks, although it's not great food. You could also maybe do it at Fritto Misto with drinks because their corkage is something like $2 a bottle. 16 would probably be a tight squeeze, though.

      1. Musha might be a bit pricier, but worth it, esp if you get the back room.

        Papa Cristo's for Greek might be able to work out a family style menu for you.

        Maybe somewhere for shareable plates like Zu Robata

        You might also consider some Sawtelle places... call ahead and see who can accommodate... Orris (likely tight), Hurry Curry, or Ramen...

        If you want to go farther east, you could do Ethiopian on Fairfax.