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Feb 25, 2008 03:24 PM

I need a foolproof Salmon recipe

Ok, I'll admit I'm one of the few people who don't like salmon, however GH does, and my oldest daughter wants to try it so...being the great wife and mom that I am, I am going to fix salmon for them. The only problem, I've never actually cooked it. I want a recipe that can be fixed easily without to much frou-frou, allowing for the salmon to be the star. Of course I'll be tasting it, just to see if I like it yet.
It's funny, the more I learn about food, the more I realize I really don't know the half of it. I used to think I was pretty well rounded when it comes to food, but I'm only just beginning.

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  1. My husband didn't really like salmon, so I tried several recipes to find something he might like so I could keep it in our diet. I found marinating it in equal parts brown sugar and soy sauce gave him enough sweet and salty to get over his "fishy" concerns (no it's not fishy if it's good fish, but that's what his impression was of salmon). Then I broil it, which browns up the marinade nicely - about 6-minutes on each side to cook through. He won't eat it if it's not well done. I either serve it like that or boil the remaining marinade down to a sauce and serve the fish over sauteed spinach and jasmine rice with the sauce drizzled over. Sesame seeds sprinkled over top make a nice display too!

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      I use this marinade as well. The only difference is that I put the salmon in aluminum foil--wrapped up. I bake at 450 for about 10 minutes or so depending on the thickness. This way it still is moist if you wanted it cooked through.

    2. just made this tonight with sushi rice and edemame - it was super easy and delicious!

      1. the easiest way i've ever had this is also the most delicious. my dad used to make it when i was younger.

        at your local indian restaurant, purchase green (mint/coriander) chutney
        spread some on salmon
        squeeze a little lemon on top

        alternatively, you can make the chutney :) it's pretty easy, there's a basic recipe here:
        but i would add a dollop of plain yogurt to it. it should be a little creamy and thick enough to make a real topping on the fish, you don't want just a runny sauce on top.

        this dish is delish...i had a fish hiatus for 12 years - when i no longer wanted this dish at age 13 i knew i wasn't eating seafood anymore. now that i'm back to eating some seafood, i'm ecstatic to be able to have this again!

        another idea would be to mix soy sauce, a little mirin or rice wine vinegar, sugar/honey, garlic, ginger, lime, lemongrass, cilantro etc (anything that sounds good with those) together, make a "bowl" out of some foil, pour the marinade in over the fish and fold it up and broil or stick on the grill. very very good, but the above is still my favorite.

        1. I also would second the soy/asian seasoning. My husband isn't a huge fan of salmon, but he'll eat it without complaining if it is seasoned with soy, ginger, garlic, and sesame oil and broiled. Sometimes, I even cheat and buy that Veri Veri Terriyaki sauce to baste it with instead of making it from scratch.

          1. We adore salmon with a simple marinade of soy sauce, honey (DH likes molasses), and sesame oil. Grilled, preferably. It's incredibly simple and absolutely delicious.

            We also enjoy smearing with dijon mustard, then sprinkling with a mix of green onion, lemon zest, salt, and pepper. Squeeze lemon juice on top and bake.