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Feb 25, 2008 03:18 PM

Best Colombian Food?

What restaurant has the best Colombian food and is easiest to reach (Queens/ Brooklyn, Manhattan)?

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  1. Went to a place in queens that was highly recommended, but it has been some years - it was incredible. I can not remember its name, but al my Columbian friends recommended it

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      Oh, that place. Just go left and when you get to the fork in the road, take it. Go right where the church used to be before it burned down and you're there.
      I also love this Peruvian place that I don't know the name of or where it is. Idiot.
      I like Pollos Mario in Queens. There are a few of them and just check online for addresses. Get a Bandeja Mario and there is enough food for 2 or 3. The chicken is also very good and the beans are the best.

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        " Went to a place in queens that was highly recommended, but it has been some years - it was incredible. I can not remember its name, but al my Columbian friends recommended it "

        Miralo, aqui es el bendejo, con Sancocho

    2. my apologies for being vague - my memory is not what it should be
      the name La Pequena Columbia Restaurant‎
      8327 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY
      (718) 478-6528‎

      1. fo an upscale experience and choices from colombia, peru, argentina or venzuela - go to: Cucharamama in Hoboken. A hogh end restaurant for special occasions. Brilliant South American cuisine.

        1. I used to go to Mi Tierra Colominiana or Mi Pequena Colombia on Roosevelt Ave. Both have slipped a little. Please try Cositas Ricas on Roosevelt. I believe it is on 80th Street. It must be good because the line is out the door (all Colombianos), the portions are huge and the menus have pictures of each dish so there is no guessing. It is a bakery and snack shop as well so get a pinono ( a sponge cake roll with leche dulce inside and out) to go or have it there with some excellent Columbian Coffee. Try a cholada (fruit, shaved ice, and condensed milk) good and rich at the same time. Not a traditonal Resaurant but judging from it's popularity the food must be authentic. I also like a Columbian restaurant in Union City, NJ, Noches de Colombia, 4329 Bergenline Avenue. You can take the $2 van outside the Port Authority on 42 between 8th and 9th. It leaves you just one block away. Again huge portions, La bedeja de pais is great. The beans are the creamiest I have ever eaten. My husband is Puerto Rican and would never admit it but their beans beat anyone's (including his grandmother's).

          1. Basically, you just take the #7 train to 82nd Street in Jackson Heights. Within 3-4 blocks of the train you have a lot of individual restaurants and examples of all the chains. Having lived in the middle of Little Colombia here for about 18 years, I can say that what you like best will depend on what flavoring you like and what you order. I think part of the reason some people like one and other like another is that there are slight regional differences in the seasoning. I live next to a Pollos a la Brasa Mario (on Roos/81 or 37th Ave/83rd). I love their giblet soup, salt baked potatoes, rotisserie chicken, tres leches and avocado salad. I have friends who swear by their fried snapper platter. Everyone makes the bandeja paisa and bandeja montañera, but my particular favorite is at Café La Nueva on 37th/85th, which also has nice meaty breakfasts and lots of juice combinations. La Pequeña Colombia on Roos/84th has sobrebarriga a la criolla (flank steak in a red sauce) and grilled pork ribs (asadas not fritas) with tostones that I like. La Boina Roja (37th & 81st) specializes in meat dishes. We often get their Bandeja Mario to go. I have not eaten much as Cositas Ricas though they have good bread products and I've heard them recommended. A lot of people like Tierras Colombianas and in the past I've had some nice dishes there, but I've not been impressed with them recently. My painter swears by Seba Seba on 37th and 80th (I believe).