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Feb 25, 2008 02:49 PM

Guangzhou lay over quick eat

OK, sorry that this question sounds a lot like a travel question ...
I will be laying over in Guangzhou Airport for 12 hours. Worst part, it's from 10PM to 10AM. I don't plan on sleeping, and ready for running really hard. What would you guys suggest to spend the night - with a focus on eating and drinking of course. Night markets? Bars? Cantonese porridge places that open all night? And of course, pls consider that I need to be able to catch a cab from wherever the spots you recommend at 5 AM in the morning (don't want to get caught in the morning jam).
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm doing the same journey in 3 weeks, how did this work out for you? Did you find any great eats?

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      OK, it did not work out for me .... ah... hate to tell sob stories but here we go:
      I arrived in Guangzhou already very tired from 4 days of flights, trains, walking and never really sleeping. I started to doze off on the flight to Baiyun and that's it.
      I booked a hotel at the airport, Xiang She Li hotel, this is in the Bai Yun district and very close to the airport. (btw, I forgot to take my 100 yen deposit back...)
      Somehow I was able to regain energy after only one hour rest/fresh up. So I went out. Now it's proabaly only close to 10PM. And because everything was still going on you get an illusion that the evening was only starting. The probably with this hotel (or maybe cheap airport hotels in general) is it's convinient to airport, not to the city. I walked out and search around for the trace of taxi. Nope. And I asked the locals, they are nice, but too nice. They took me to the BUS station and put me on a bus that they say it's much cheaper than "da di" (taking taxi).
      Well, big mistake, they did not know I am a tourist (I am Chinese) so they did not care for saving time for me. Their suggestion ended up having me sitting on a bus that aparently will take about 2 hours to a depot and then transfer .... so I jump off the bus at some unknown place and had dinner. The restaurant was already in the process of closing.
      The food is what's now very popular in China "NongJiaTsai" (farmer' food), and it's hunan/hubei style of it. It's great still, but obviously I miss the local specialties.
      Be careful about the dim sum (golden dragon) at the airport though. Don't waste your money no matter how hungry you are... I was so upset the next morning ... :-)