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Feb 25, 2008 02:41 PM

Really good Mexican in Toronto does exist!

Check out La Cabana at 467 Danforth Ave. Excellent margaritas, though a little weak. Excellent food! I'm from LA and it has been so hard to find a good Mexican in Toronto.
This is one for sure!

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  1. so what was so good about it? what did you have? whats on the menu?

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      Fresh, flavorful and real ingredients. Spicy is spicy if asked for. Homemade salsas, one with Habaneros. Again the margs made with real lime juice. The menu has too much to list, but the standards of nachos, soups (chicken and lime), fajitas, enchiladas, which I had with chicken and cheese. Also had garlic shrimp starter. All yummy. The owner who served us was also very welcoming.

    2. And what other Toronto Mexican restaurants does this compare favourably to, in your opinion?

      1. Not sure why the Danforth has all the good Mexican restaurants, but El Sol (Danforth & Monarch Park) is also fantastic, although the service is spotty. Their margaritas are well paired with the food- super tart lime and cracked ice. My favourite dish is the vegetarian platter.
        What is good at La Cabana?

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        1. re: MartiniGirls

          Probably only the Margaritas :-)

          I guess i'll have to go over and check it out, when I had wanted to do so shortly after they opened they were not yet licenced.

          Last time I checked, the menu looked like a Tex-Mex one to me.

          1. re: foodyDudey

            The menu in the window looks strongly Tex-Mex, but I think I saw some mole sauce choices on some of the dishes, which makes it more interesting. I think I too will have to go check it out.

            1. re: Pincus

              well if either of you guys do so, let us know! Ive been waiting for a few reviews to roll in on this place.. Im also curious about the new Bangkok spoon nextdoor to it that just opened.

              1. re: hungryabbey

                Restaurant Makeover last night didi Latitude, now Eduoardos, does that still qualify as Mexican?

                1. re: Danybear

                  That is an old episode. Eduardo's is already closed.

        2. The original comment has been removed