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Feb 25, 2008 02:10 PM

Baltimore Sushi - Better than Matsuri?

Bmore Hounds,

So my go to sushi place in bmore is Matsuri in Fed Hill, however I've recently becomed a bit disenchanted with the place. They really dont offer a good selection of fish and bc i tend to focus more on nigiri and sashimi I place more of an emphasis on quality and selection.

They never offer toro or o-toro, no fatty salmon, no needle fish, the mackeral isnt very good and they dont offer different varieties, no saltwater eel (anago), and overall their fish is just average (and their tuna is a pretty big let down; im fairly confident the tuna is dyed).

Are there any good sushi places in baltimore that offer a bit more of a selection of quality (and seasonal) fish?

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  1. I like Minato in Mt. Vernon and one big reason is selection. They regularly have monkfish liver, white tuna, and ama ebi complete with fried head. That said, Baltimore ain't a great sushi town.

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    1. re: ko1

      thank you sir, ill give that a try next time

    2. I had toro just this Friday at Matsuri.

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      1. re: crackers

        And it was quite tasty, too.

        I need to try Minato, but Matsuri is just so convenient.

        1. re: JonParker

          I haven't been impressed with Minato either at the old location or the new one. I still think Matsuri is better.

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            Try Nichi Ban right down the street. They also have a killer grilled hamachi cheek app. for $9.95

      2. The original comment has been removed