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Feb 25, 2008 01:56 PM

Sat night in Denver,CO

I'm looking for a restaurant in Denver, CO near the convention center for 3/1 night. We'll probably be a party of 3-4. We like all cuisines but would also like something unique to Denver. Budget is in the moderate range. Thanks!

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  1. I would warn you that because of Denver Restaurant Week, most of the restaurants are already booked. There are tons of threads on the board with recommendations for what you are looking for. When you decide, I would get reservations (if you still can) as early as possible.

    Search the boards, there are a ton of threads already covering dining close to the convention center.

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      Here is one thread. Officially Restaurant Week goes through Friday the 29th, but Saturday night is usually busy of course. Might think about Tamayo- they are fairly large.

    2. Tamayo, Denver Chophouse, Maggiano's (yes I know it's a chain, but the food is really good), Rioja, Osteria Marco, Diamon Cabaret Steakhouse, and India House. All are within walking distance or head to 16th street and take the free bus. Better make reservations as soon as you can or you'll face a long wait. Let us know what you pick and how it was.

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        The Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group sent out a relese this morning (Tues) that reservations are still available at Prima. If you go and the lobster raviolo is on the DRW menu order it -- or just order it a la carte.

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          As ColoradoFun mentioned, restaurant week is over on 2/29 so the night that chungsun wants to dine is just another Saturday night downtown unless he/she happens upon a restaurant that is extending the deal.

        2. re: jcattles

          Maggiano's is better than the O.G. & Mac Grill, but I wouldn't personally describe it as being "really good." Serviceable, yes, but hardly unique to Denver as the OP requested.

          Just a warning that you'll get multiple kinds of strips at the Diamond Cabaret (strip steak being only one), but if you like your beef bone-on, by all means book a table there. ;)

          Open Table shows 88 of 93 restaurants in Denver proper as having availability that night for 4. Other restaurants like Rioja have a few bar tables and seats available for walk-ins, so you could always try going that route as well.

          If I had to select one restaurant, I'd personally pick Fruition.

          1. re: rlm

            No Maggiano's isn't unique to Denver. Just because I think it has really good food and you don't, doesn't make either one of wrong, it just shows how everyone has their own opinion of what they like and dislike.
            Yes, Diamond Cabaret is a "Gentlemans" Club, with a steakhouse. So you get to enjoy dinner and a "show". Big deal, some of us out here actually don't mind that kind of stuff. My husband and I have always enjoyed the food (especially the filet oscar and mashed potatoes) and the staff is never trashy or gawdy.
            OP and company have many choices, my 2 cents are as equal as yours, no matter where we prefer to dine.

            1. re: jcattles

              I too am just expressing my opinion. The OP wanted something "unique to Denver," so I wouldn't even steer them towards a chain that I like (such as Capital Grille). Many people don't want T&A with their steak no matter how "classy" it is, so it's helpful info. for a non-local to have.

              1. re: jcattles

                But giving fair information regarding an establishment is good. I would be mortified if someone recommended a gentleman's club without telling me and I showed up with, say, my grandmother for example. Nobody said it is wrong to enjoy but only fair to inform.

                All though I haven't made it yet I think Fruition would be an excellent choice given your desire for something unique to Denver.

                1. re: RobynS

                  you both are right about fair information. I assumed OP would search the internet for information about all the restuarants everyone has recommended. That's what I would do. I would never rely on just one persons referral without doing my "homework".

                  1. re: jcattles

                    Like you, I also would "google" the places recommended and solicit opinions from a variety of sources to make my decision, but unfortunately not everyone does that (or has the time to, especially if it's a hastily-planned trip). I recently heard a lady announce to a bartender at a higher-end place that she dropped in because "everyone on CitySearch seems to like it."

                    I bet the steaks are really good at Oscar's @ the Diamond Cab. since Troy Guard was once the exec chef, but the only "grinding" I want with my steak is from a pepper mill. :-)

          2. If you like live music with your food, then I would recommend Dazzle. It's a jazz club with some delicious food, great music, and strong cocktails. Just the music alone will give it a unique feel (not to mention they have a fairly diverse menu, so everyone in your party is likely to find something they will enjoy). However, just as a warning, this place requires reservations and is ALWAYS packed...but worth it.