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Feb 25, 2008 01:39 PM

Best dim sum in Brooklyn?

When I lived in SF, I had great dim sum just about every week at Lichee Garden. Now that I'm in NYC, I'd like to find a new dim sum place to frequent on a weekly basis. So far I've tried a handful of places in Manhattan and haven't been totally happy with any. I live in Brooklyn, though, so I guess I should really see what it has to offer!

What's your favorite dim sum place in Brooklyn, and why (what's good there)?

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  1. See parallel thread entitled "World Tong vs. Pacificana." Those are the top two contenders in Brooklyn. Dim sum in Flushing is better with many more choices (and Manhattan doesn't even contend), but I think these two places are better than any dim sum in S.F. Chinatown.

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      Pings on Queens Blvd (near the old Elks club in Elmhurst) has very good dim sum, too.

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        Aha! Thanks for that. Link to World Tong vs. Pacifica thread: