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Feb 25, 2008 01:30 PM

1 night in chicago

Will be in Chicago for a Friday evening to see a very late show at the Metro - looking for a recommendation for casual but very good eats and drinks - something along the lines of a Spotted Pig, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Casa Mono, etc. in NYC - nothing too heavy - Avec looks to be along these lines - any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. I am a huge fan of Avec, and probably the closest thing in Chicago to the restaurants you mentioned.

    For pics and other love check out this thread:

    Be aware though, if you're going on a Friday be prepared for a very long wait (unless you arrive before 6).

    1. We have many, many great casual fine dining restaurants. My favorite of all in the city is one sixtyblue; other excellent ones include Blackbird, Aigre Doux, Naha, and North Pond, just to name a bunch. At any of these, I've had meals where one item after another was just "wow", "to die for", just absolutely terrific. If I had to choose just one, though, it would be one sixtyblue.

      Website links:
      one sixtyblue -
      Blackbird -
      Aigre Doux -
      Naha -
      North Pond -

      I'm not a big fan of Avec, where I ate again a few weeks ago. The food is good not great (no "wow" dishes), the seats are incredibly uncomfortable, the no-reservations policy results in 90-120 minute waiting times on weekends, the noise is deafening, and the communal seating is a crapshoot.

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        Thanks - I've seen some of the places you mentioned but they all seem to be a little more formal than what I am looking for - I'm not looking for great views, white tableclothes, etc. - so long I can grab a seat or a stool at a bar, get a drink and just ask them to just serve me whatever's best that day, then I'm good - I can deal with waiting, I can deal with high prices, so long as the meal is worth it.

      2. Maybe you'd like to try TAC Quick for Thai?
        One of the celebrated Thai restaurants in the city, reasonably priced, BYO (!!!!) and easy walking distance (or $5.00 cab ride) to the Metro.

        1. Hmmm, near the Metro I might try Moxie for small plates and good drinks, or Mia Francesca for consistently delicious Italian. Also in the neighborhood is Uncommon Ground which used to be strictly a coffee shop but now has a quite developed dinner and drink menu. All are fairly affordable and good eats.