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Feb 25, 2008 01:14 PM

Oro bakery, few but choice

Oro bakery, 375 Broome st., is a very small cafe/bakery with a small selection of pasteries. I've tried thier apple crumb tart, pear tart, blood orange tart, and Saint Honore tart. all were excellent. Apple less fruit intense than the pear or the citrus, but fine as it is. The shell is more crumbly than flakey. The Saint Honore is made on weekends and was as good as Dumas (there, there no tears).

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  1. My first croissant at ORO was to die for! Flaky, buttery, simply delicious. Unfortunately, I'm afraid they are using more lard and less butter now, as croissants are a bit heavier and leave that unpleasant coat of fat in your mouth. Bring back the old recipe!!!

    1. three times and the only things I've ever eaten were the madeleines and the lemon financier... the lemon cake is really moist and intensely flavored.

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        I tried the brownies and found the very good. They are baked in square paper cup which gives each brownie four crisp chewy sides and one fudge like center. Like the brownies at City Girl well worth the calories.

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          As a result of the cities lack of great great bakeries I find myself seeking out single winner items from existing spots. The raspberry tart at Burdick's or brownie at City Girl, etc. Here at Oro get the pecan brown sugar roll. It is homey in appearance and big with flavor.

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            Thanks, I'll check that out. I'm stuck on those little lemon cakes mentioned by xigua. Heat one up and have it with coffee. Great breakfast sweet.

            Oro Bakery and Bar
            375 Broome St, New York, NY 10013