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Feb 25, 2008 01:06 PM

Bethel, ME-kids and college students

Any thoughts on where to eat in Bethel/Sunday River? Am headed there in a couple of weeks as the faculty chaperone of a college ski trip. I'm taking my 8 year old, so I'm not terribly interested in find dining, but I would like someplace with a good bar and good food. I'm not much of a Budweiser and burger guy, unless the burger is amazing. I hear the local Chinese/ Korean place is good. Anyplace with a good beer selection?

Also, is there anyplace that has reliable cheap eats for my students? I suspect most are under 21.

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  1. For beer try the brew pub on the access road, the Maderhorn (spelling?) or the Suds Pub in town. Cafe Di Cocca in town is great for lunch/breakfast and the chinese place is yummy.

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      I second the Sunday River Brew Pub. Its been years but I dated a guy who worked there. Nothing like a fresh beer!

    2. --Matterhorn: on the access road, good pizzas and pastas, retro interior with lots of skiing and climbing artifacts. Family friendly early in evening, then rock shows at night. Semi-cheap eats.

      --Phoenix House/Well: at South Ridge, Sunday River, casual pub-bordering-on-bistro downstairs, fancier fare/fine dining upstairs, but you can order from either menu in either location. Hint: Avoid the crowds in the on-mountain restaurants by walking across the parking lot to The Well for lunch.

      --Cho Sun: downtown Bethel, excellent Korean and Japanese fare, a bit pricey, but worth it for the food and the atmosphere, it's decorated with Asian antiques.

      --Sudbury Inn/Sud's Pub: downtown Bethel,Upstairs fine dining, perhaps the best in town; downstairs, great pub with entertainment, a ski town classic.

      --Sunday River Brewpub: base of access road, go for the brew, you'll find far better chow elsewhere.

      --Main Line Restaurant: near intown, on Route 2, inexpensive food, family friendly, very popular for breakfasts. CHEAP EATS

      --Victoria Inn: downtown Bethel, hearing good things under its new ownership

      --There's also a good Italian place in town, but I can't think of the name.

      --If there are any vegans in your group, send them to Eden, on the edge of town.

      --Cafe DiCocoa, downtown Bethel, great casual coffee shop with sandwiches, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and to-go dinners. Also has a dinner spot, open Saturday nights (but not all) and serving International dinners.

      --The Good Food Store and Graceland/Barbecue Bob's, edge of downtown heading east on Route 2 toward Sunday River, Good Food is a natural foods store with to-go sandwiches, soups, prepared foods, etc.; adjacent to it is a damn good barbecue joint with take-out only, but if the weather's good, grab a picnic table.

      --Shipyard Brewhouse: Sunday River, Whitecap Lodge, brewpub fare serving Shipyard brews.

      --Gringo Harry's: Sunday River, Mexican restaurant in Fall Line condos, not bad for Maine Mexicanish fare.

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        Thanks all,

        I've been gone from Texas for so long that I'm half-tempted to try Maine BBQ and Gringo Harry's. Once I recover my senses, Cho-Sun and the Phoenix House will look better.