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Feb 25, 2008 01:01 PM

Blue Hill at Stone Barns - REVIEW

Absolutely incredible - a true culinary experience and quite possibly the best meal I have ever had. I went for brunch and I think that is the way to go. The farm is beautiful and not only will you enjoy looking at the landscape from the dining room, but you will also want to walk around the grounds after your meal. We experienced what turned out to be a 12-course tasting menu, with 1 bottle of champagne and 2 bottles of wine - it was an outstanding 4 hours! We were lucky enough to go with 2 friends who are regulars, got married there 2 years ago, and know pretty much the entire staff. The service was the best I have ever experienced. Every detail was attended to and this was even more apparent when we took a tour of the kitchen after our meal - it was pristine & flawlessly managed. Here's a list of our courses:

- fresh carrots and bok choy (picked fresh from the garden)
- beet, butternut squash, and celery root "chips" (paper thin)
- oyster shooter/cauliflower soup
- charcuterie - Coppa, Veal terrine
- beet salad w/goat cheese, yogurt foam & pine nut butter
- greenhouse salad w/soft poached egg
- beet burgers (mini beet sliders)
- gnocchi w/local cheese
- pork loin (& belly) w/apple butter
- peanut butter & beet jelly
- cocunut cake w/coconut ice cream and fresh coconut flakes
- apple cobler w/ginger ice cream

PIERRE GIMONNET Brut 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs Cuis
F.X. PICHLER Smaragd Wachau
DOMAINE WEINBACH Grand Cru 'Schlossberg-Cuve St. Catherine' Alsace

I can't wait to go back.

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  1. It's been a while since we've had a Blue Hill review and I couldn't agree more. The food is fresh and delicious - nothing heavy. Service unbelievably impeccable and in sync. We went for my birthday in the fall and had an incredible meal. I can't wait to go back either :)
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. re: amanda3571

      BHSB is overpriced, bland, and boring. I've given them three chances and on each occasion, the food has been very bad. They should just keep it simple, and allow the quality of the food to come through. And what's with the high prices? I didn't realize the Rockefellers are hard on their luck.

      Don't waste your time or money.

      1. re: organiclover

        That is your opinion. Others on this board happen to love the place. Including me. I find the food to be deliciously fresh with a twist. And incidentally, it's not the Rockefellers charging you for dinner. It's the Barber's. The people who run the farm & the restaurant. I would imagine the price has something to do with running a working farm & subsequently serving that food. Wouldn't you agree.

    2. How was your friend's wedding there? How many people were they able to have?

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      1. re: Feaster18

        I think they max around 70-80. From what I remember, that was the quote I received. good luck!