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Feb 25, 2008 12:57 PM


Someone told me that the best place for Peking Duck is a place called Lucky Pot on Bellaire. Whaddya think????

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  1. Boston hound here. Nephew's new to Houston & would like to know the best places for duck too - Peking or otherwise.

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    1. re: Taralli

      A favorite duck dish of mine in Houston is the Peking duck at Sinh Sinh.

    2. Try Peking Cuisine on SW freeway near gessner.

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      1. re: JJC

        Peking Cuisine is not really the best, but it IS the cheapest. Its a good deal, but the duck is just so-so. Confucious on Bellaire, at Gessner (in the shopping center with Fiesta) is great.

      2. Peking Cuisine is where I go for Peking duck. Not sure how it compares since I haven't had the dish in a lot of other Houston restaurants. My husband did say he likes the duck at Peking Cuisine better than the duck he had in Beijing, so I guess that's something :). The other dish at Peking Cuisine that is really good is "La Pi" - basically thick clear noodles dressed in garlic, vinegar, chilli, and soy sauce. It's a classic western Chinese dish that I used to have all the time when I was a kid in China. And I haven't found it in any other Chinese restaurants in Houston. So if you go to Peking Cuisine, be sure to try the duck and the La Pi.