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Feb 25, 2008 12:52 PM

Question about Neptune Oyster

I hate to ask this question, but..... I've been wanting to go for the longest time and my husband is not a seafood eater - at all . I know, it's sad.... But the good news is that he'll go even if there is just 1 nonseafood item on the menu that he can order. I tried their web page but it doesn't have any info on it. Does anyone know if there is something on the menu for him?

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  1. I suppose he could get any of their pasta dishes, and their burger, MOS (mit out seafood).

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      the burger is insane - huge and really tasty. As far as I recall it is topped with fried oysters, and that is it for the seafood aspect. He can order without the oysters or you can eat them on his behalf (rec the latter).

    2. They offer an 18 oz rib eye steak and Tuesday they feature chicken (Piatti Del Giorno).

      1. Yes! They have a amazing burger, especially for being a 'seafood' place (you'd sadly have to order it without the fried oyster on it). They also have a few appetizers that are not seafood (they rotate frequently and usually have one or two without seafood) and I believe they offer a steak (ribeye?) usually on the menu for the non-fish fans. If you can make it for lunch I would highly recommend it, usually very quiet, no wait same menu, but dinnertime adds a lively atmosphere. Also they do offer a few red wines (mostly lighter reds) that would make for good meat eating. Please enjoy.

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          They also have a short rib that comes with a small portion of lobster stir-fry.

        2. There's usually plenty on the menu, though I agree, not touching seafood there is a bit sad. Even the salads are good and richly flavored, not especially healthful (roasted celery with salami and ricotta, delicious). Always at least one land-only entree, a great burger, excellent fries.