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Feb 25, 2008 12:49 PM

Microwaving leftover pizza

If one only has a microwave, no stove or oven, what is the best way to reheat pizza? Is there a trick to get the crust to stay crispy?

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  1. This link might help

    Using a paper towel under the pizza makes it less soggy but not exactly crisp.

    1. My standard is a toaster oven (put pizza on foil, 1 toast cycle). In my dorm days, I used an iron (also do good grilled cheese). Back when I had a big monitor for my computer at work, I would through pizza on top just to bring toa warm room temp. Any of these are better than nuking pizza IMHO. Also - helps to start with veggie (or otherwise lean) pizza.

      1. Due to the way that microwaves work, it is basically impossible to reheat pizza (and many other things) and keep it crisp. I am a big believer in leftover pizza, and have even remarked, only half in jest, that pizza really needs to "cure" overnight to achieve its flavor peak. But it must be reheated in a conventional oven. Get a cheap toaster oven--you won't regret it.

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            Absolutely totally what John said!!

          2. Thin pizza heats up nice crisp on a cast iron skillet. I guess if you had thick pizza you could heat it in the microwave and finish it off on the skillet. No way to get crisp in the microwave.

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              In my experience doing the same here at work, heat it just slightly to warm it up (25 or so seconds) and you can retain the crispiness for the most part...

            2. I am of the opinion that leftover pizza should be eaten cold. It is a completely different animal than fresh hot pizza and I have gained a great appreciation for cold pizza.

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                I heart cold pizza. Sometimes more than fresh.