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If I wanted to make pineapple caviar (MG)

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  • filth Feb 25, 2008 12:40 PM
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I have all the necessary reagents and I'd like to try to make pineapple caviar or spheres for a dinner party.

I found a recipe online:

Mix 2 gm alginate in 100 gm water using an immersion blender. Add 150 gm pineapple juice.

Make a bath of 2.5 mg calcium chloride.


I'm skeptical about this because I'm pretty sure pineapple will be acidic and I thought that algin-CaCl2 doesn't work in at low pH.

Any idea how much sodium citrate to add?

I plan to make fresh pineapple juice...no canned stuff.

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  1. Sounds delicious, as long as you spherize correctly...

    1. Let me throw this question out there. One of the key things about sferification is that you have a strong and good tasting liquid to sferize. That's why I plan to use fresh, not canned pineapple juice. However, I should concentrate the juice.

      If I reduce the fresh juice by boiling, do you think the flavor will be just as bad as if I had used canned juice? Any thoughts on ways to concentrate the flavor without adding a lot of heat?

      ETA: What if I made fresh pineapple juice and augmented with some frozen pineapple juice concentrate?

      1. Totally new to the chemical side of cooking but after a little research I found a little info that leads me to think you might want to use sodium citrate because it holds up to the acid better. Please forgive me I am incorrect, still learning about the fun side of cooking and have a LOT to learn.